The Thai stock stock index index failed to test the 10-day average, it closed on the market, 11 points dropped.

A summary of the Thai stock market (SET) closed on Wednesday, February 28, 2019 at 1,653.48 points, down -11.79 points or -0.71%, the highest level is 1,666.74, the lowest rate is 1,652.71 points, with a trading value of 54,035.86 . Million baht, and the SET50 index closed at 1,099.30 points, down -10.58 points.

The New York Stock Exchange Dow Jones Index closed down 0.28% after the US trade representative Robert Lightheiser, it seems that the US and China will not agree sharply, which has caused concern to owners. Concern about the uncertainty of the trade union between the two economic powers. At the same time, investors took the statement on the second day of the Force Force Chair Jerome Powell (Fèidh), who continued to stress the deer will accelerate the hike rate. And he plans to complete this year's balance reduction

European and market stock markets opened. Following the second conference between US President Donald Trump and Mr Kim Jong-aon, North Korea leader held in Hanoi from Vietnam It is ready without any agreement

Shanghai Company Index closed down 0.44% after the National Marketing Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and its Distributor Manager (PMI) for manufacturing and service departments in February. The variations are slow.

Nikkei Record Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, dropped 0.79% after the Japanese government exposed business contracts in January.

Which securities with the highest trading value of 5 security
1. PTT, trading value of 3,647.95 million baht, down -0.75 baht, representing -1.52%
2. AOT decreases, trading value of 2,607.82 million baht, -1.25 baht no -1.82%
3. CPALL, trading value of 1,880.63 million baht, down -0.75 baht, representing -0.96%
4. PTTGC, trading value of 1,696.36 million baht, down -0.75 baht, representing -1.03%
5. BJC, a trading value of 1,542.78 million baht, an increase of +1.00 baht, representing + 2.06%

The index continued to decline after falling the GAP the previous day. Although built more than a & # 39; 5-day mobile average, the index menu still flows down to measure the 10-day average levels, which move today (1) to 1,653 points. If the index woke up, he did not spend a 5-day mobile average of around 1,662 points. There is scope for the index to be reduced to a 10-day mobile average. The next line is the support of the 25-day mobile average of 1,647.

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