Then! The "Neymar" sale speed will be a & # 39; building two giants


Then! Ashes for sale

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The news media hit Paris Saint Germain. Need JavaScript to play. This can not be played. The Flash player is not right.

Foreign news organizations on "La Porteria" November 27, the Spanish media told Paris Saint Germain. It must be sold for Neymar Star 1 of the team after the end of the season.

The Neymar jetty took from Barcelona. Arriving at Park de Brasserie with a registered record of 222 million 15 months ago.

However, it seems he is not happy with Paris right now. Naymar said he was moving away from the team, with his old team Barcelona and Real Madrid to take care of.

According to a recent report, the Paris Saint Germain. I'm ready to let the star out of the team. But there are more than 200 million inches or about 177 million pounds in summer.

For Neymar, he played for Pesche for 16 games this season and sent 13 visits.

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