Tough teacher until police found 3 pills for reducing obesity Waiting to confirm the cause.

Trang Fum Teacher Pak House Ka House Organ warriors demonstrated the cause of death that came from treating to reduce obesity or causing concern, leading to sustained catches.

On April 10, Pol.Lt. Col. Methee Pinyo, Police Officer at Trang Police Station, detailing the death in the bedroom, house number 93/3, Moo 2, Natalue Subdistrict, Muang District Trang, having been reported to the Sarn Kusan center rescuers ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- – — – – – – Trang Weer Medical, Tracture Hospital Staff – Confirmation in Trang Group View the view By becoming a one – story house, he found Ms. Wattanasin, aged 32, died at home 28/32, Ploenpitak Road, Thap Thiang Subdistrict, Muang District, Trang Department, a private school teacher in Trang The state of the body lying on his back, his mouth in the bed. the room

From the doctor's autopsy First, no symptoms of fighting or physical assault were detected. But they found something unusual, the dead person, lying in his mouth, falling and his blood. He died at least 6-8 hours because the victim had epilepsy with a epilepsy. Often, since the first experiment, a capsule has been called 3 pillars of weight, a loss of 2 table. Prachuap and the dead are weighed. And getting life often It could be a cause of such death

From the research, Ms Chantima Choonyong, a 34-year-old close friend, said that the deceased was a private school teacher for about 3 years and ordered that the deceased died. instruct that any weight be lost on 5 April. When you are taking medicine at any time But he saw that he had put two planes, and that the deceased's customs were good practices. Like other people And a good person I think it should come from the dead that brought to this cure. And also basic diseases can come from this reason, or not go through proof checking Whether the person who has died is cared for and stepped up So that they can be treated regularly

However, the officer verified the body at the Songklanagarind Hospital, Hat Yai, for a genuine reason to locate death. The police also questioned the cause of death as a result of exceptional circumstances. It was thought to be caused by eating pills. Prachino with illness But, due to the very same cause again


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