Unlocking! Iyarin bowl completed the life of a man and a woman Unfortunately to be damaged

Take the catastrophe also After her beautiful beauty, Miss Thailand Worldwide Iyarin Bowl It has come out to open its heart, & # 39; cracking with the media for that time Now separated by the man After the previous facts he had a & # 39; beautiful queen I got a pen, I inserted a diploma certificate with a semi-expert biologist in Australia James Aaron Thomas Is it ready After having married for 3 years and does not have a physical harm in

There is a storytelling that broke now with a foreigner?
"Oops! It's … (quiet) the bowl … today, can you talk about work first? The relationship … Far from each other

Many people see from AIG, which are rarely a & # 39; we see in pairs?
"Indeed, the bowl wants to emphasize the work."

Have you still signed a divorce certificate?
"Now the bowl does not want to say anything. Will you get another time?"

Can he call different people?
"How he had to go back to work in his country We have a few conversations. But now the bowl wants more emphasis on work."

There's a story Keeping a stick How do we use violence?
"No, no. It's not true."

Relaxing after seeing a white cloth Enter the temple for a regularity of merit. So do people say that because of this purpose?
"Avoid at least. Life is usually happier or suffering. We are not far from here."

Is not the heart, right?
"No, the bowl is already for its bowl. But now the bowl wants to have the opportunity to return to the work we want. As now, drama is on the Exact who wants to start hunting. "

How long does her husband have to return to her country?
"Fly to fly from the first place."

The status we use is unique. For many months?
"Yes (a laugh) for a long time or the story that happened. Can you wait for a bowl minute? Wait, the bowl comes out to talk."

Is there a question about a third party to be involved?

Do we have our story?
"There is."

Try linking?
"The bowl is the best."

How did you motivate yourself?
"A bowl is happy with the work we want. We just think about it. It is always thought that the bowl is in someone who is have been working in our favorite love. And today he has the opportunity to do that. "

What is our current status?
"The bowl still does not respond correctly (smile)"

Can you use the single word?
"Can you ask a minute?"

What do we think we can not respond at the moment?


Do we still hope to return to the same?
"(Smile) The bowl wants to clean with my feelings first."

We still do not think 100% right?
"Bowl, I want to get into mind. Now I'm returning to work in the business. Good work (smile)"

How are our families?
"Everyone knows that the bowl is happy at this time. Working in what we want To thank you."

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