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On 10 April, CNN announced that the International Science Faculty on a press conference is being opened to bring the first scene of the world black hole or black hole from a television series across the t by the Telescope or EHT (EHT) event for the first time in Human History And the first evidence is that there is a black hole t

The press conference at 6 locations around the world is held at 1:00 pm in Green Time Meantime. The time of the mate is approximately 20.00 hours on 10 April.

The scientists published diagrams of Messier 87 or M87's black hole in the cupboard. What is much bigger than the first black hole And the mass of more than 6,500 million sunshines, away from the ground to more than 53.49 million years of

All are based on the principle of friendship with Albert Einstein.

The other expected black hole is Sachitarias A. or Saxa, which is a big black hole in the middle of the Milky Way revolution or the Milky Way, galaxy with solar system. Member

Saxa is 4 million times bigger than sun, 24 million kilometers in diameter, about 26,000 lights a year, or 245 trillion km.

Black holes cannot be seen by the naked eye because of its pull in a large surface that cannot even leave light. Scientists need to use specific techniques to kill black holes.

Scientists have been aware that it has holes for a long time, but there were never photos before. They can only be charged with the collection of indirect data, such as the Lyoko Research Center in the United States. Intriguing waves have been found from two black holes collected in September. 2015

At the time, Mrs Nat Sineeikit Boonchoo, or Mee Mee, a Thailand student who was Lyoko officer at Hanford metro station, Washington, when the finder found the wave While the crew arrived t 3 scientists affected the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2017

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