Very violent runners, path runners to kill tigers with bare hands. After being badly detected – live news

Trail Runner

Wild leeks or dead curtains were found in the place of a horse-horse opening, in Larimershire, near Fort Collins, a Korolado Park Wild Wild craft, a United States, from being caught by the violent runners they need to kill themselves. From the distribution of staff

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The news report said NBC News said Scouts of the cucumber But the old man is not small, so it's a scratch in the face and on the face; fenced until his injured seriously But he did not tell what the rebellions would kill the tiger with bare hands And lasting The event was held at West Ridge, area that allows runners to access the service.

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Mark Leslie, Common Co-ordinator of the Park, showed that runners were Every effort is made to protect themselves from attacking from mountain lions. In this case, you have to do everything. And there is a lot of strength needed to defend himself That's what a gentleman needs to do.

Le coubh attacking It is not found frequently in 100 years. Are 20 deaths. Colorado officials say the latest event was held in 2016. Mountain bites, 5 year boy, badly injured outsideHouse in Pittsburgh, west of Denver But eventually lasted

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