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Volvo S90 Inscription new 2019 Scandinavia

New Volvo S90 2019 signage of Viking style herb

Volvo, the best-selling logo, is launching a Volvo S90 Inscription New 2019 shoe, and # 39; The final car that provides the mobile experience with technological technology that can only be found in the S90 family is well achieved. Decoration is a bad deal. And a consistent link in all the details, showing the concept "Crafted to Impress", a & # 39; Creating a new definition of Viking active sedan. For high-level travel experience, how to relax in a pleasant hotel through the way

A full-power delivery of AWD T8 Engine In addition to a maximum electricity efficiency of 1.8 liters / 100 kilometers of electricity, all of the wheel drive technology that combines power from a lithium-ion battery 10.4-kWh and 8-speed power circuitry system to drive safely and safely With 640-meter psychotherapy

New Volvo S90 2019 signage of Viking style herb

Four-C Air Suspension air four-way suspension system to change different settings In accordance with the drive mode you selected In the Hybrid or AWD drive mode, the suspension system is four- C is set to make it easier to & # 39; drive. If the Pure or Power method is selected, the four-C backup system will be changed to work. That gives access to more fun driving

New Volvo S90 2019 signage of Viking style herb

The Volvo S90 new Vol90 S90 engineer S90 S90 T8 is also marked by many advanced technologies and decorations such as leather sets, Nappa leather with shoes, face seats, cooling systems, wheels related to diamond cutting, 19-inch, Camera 360 camera? A capitular view for the driver to be seen in each side And key audio systems from the Bowers & Wilkins banner

New Volvo S90 2019 signage of Viking style herb

For the Volvo S90 New 2019 retail price from different engine modules as follows: T8 bi-lingual engine Inscription Price 3,790,000 Double machine Baht, T8 AWD R-Price Planning 3,590,000 Baht, T8 AWD Bilingual Machinery 3,290,000 Baht and D4 Momentum Price 3,190,000 Baht

Ask for a majority of 2019 cars by a Volvo vendor near the house. Do not see the website

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