Who won – Fall? Supercom is updating its Program

<img src = "http://static.siamsport.co.th/news/2019/02/05/news201902051858772.jpg" alt = "Who's in a hero – Fall? Supercom updating the advanced "data-caption =" Who is the top-sender – Fall?

Update in February The Supercomputer will run its & # 39; Premier League on the last day of the season. So we can see who wins win, win and win the European League tickets.

Almost all companies have no legitimate stock in England which has brought Manchester City back as its # 39; The first ones who prefer to get the Premier League this season. Instead, Liverpool after "Reds" can not go to West Ham United 1. -1 on Monday 4 February back

After 25 tours, Liverpool also set 62 out of the crowd, but they were hit by Manchester City's first championship, & # 39; leaving only 3 points and losing its goals. A "blue sailing boat" is still better than 5 children too.

Although a supercomputer conversation sports website has been given To repeat the ranking at the end of the session With a process that uses the principle of the algorithm Both from the results of previous games, players and a rest of the competition, etc. (Running from top 20 to 1d)

20. Huddersfield (fall)
19. Fulham (falling)
18. Cardiff (fall)
17. New Zealand
16. South Hampton
15. Crystal Palace
14. Burnley
13. Brighton
12. Everton
11. West Ham
10. Bournemouth
9. Leicester
8. Watford
7. Wolfsburg
6. Arsenal
5. United man
4. Chelsea
3. Spurs
2. Liverpool
1. Man City (Champion)

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