A chronic cancer is a disease that is a chronic cancer. becoming increasingly popular among women around the world and his early judgment prevents the end of a sad one.

What is not common in this illness, these children attacked. However, Chrissy TurneR e, a little Utah, the United States, except only.

The child was only 8 years old when she was in a while; complaining about correct pianic pain. Her father gave her to the doctor and inside Diagnosis was made on November 2015 with carcinoma to produce a stone, a rare cancer type that affects one person in a million.

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But the girl and her family fought the fight and, after two years, it's good.

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"This knowledge of my teaching is going to continue and will not pass it. Through my cancer, I learned how important the family and that we should enjoy every second part of this life. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and just having fun ", Crissy told the People magazine.

"Crissy has a clear spirit with her where she is … She's teaching others, especially women who know chronic cancer, to & # 39; accepting life and focusing on the good thing, "said her mother.

The little girl should see her disease all her life and she hopes to normal life management. In addition, she knows she needs to capture other surgery to rebuild the damaged brute.

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