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Group A after the Battle of 20/11

According to the AFF Cup 2018 statistics when the first half of the game between Cambodia and Laos ended up to a teacher's teacher coach, Keisuke Honda created up to 80.2%. The home team's progress is also taken to two enemy goals.

After 18 minutes, Chan Vathanaka won the opening ceremony for Cambodia. The "Messi Cambodia" was the name that was & # 39; conflict against this move is wise, a & # 39; Capture a product from the left and hit the head of Laos.

The Cambodia double game in the 35 minute minute, with Mony Udom on the # 39; case was set up. Previously, keeper Saymanolinh Paseuth sent Saret Krya to fail in the Laos area, which ran to 11 meters.

In the second half, Cambodia is still holding the terrible against Laos. Visitors may be ahead of 1 – 2 after 70 minutes. Xomsay Keohanam saved the team's lead reduction to the 4 to 4 –

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Chan Vathanaka was not the first goal to Laos. (Photograph: Fox Sports Asia)


However, Cambodia died only seven minutes to bring the most 2 goals back. Laos players mistakenly missed Keo Sokpheng escaping and the beautiful stroke through the keeper of Saymanolinh Paseuth. This is also the aim of setting out in & # 39; this game.

Laos won the first 3 points after two losses at the AFF Cup 2018. At the same time, Laos has lost the four games and finished the tour in the Cup 2017 AAF Group A. without point.

In the last game, Cambodia will host Vietnam's Vietnamese phone phone; garden on 24 November. At this time, Cambodia has gone out of opportunities to go, while Vietnam's phone needs to win one point winning tickets for AFF Cup 2018./.

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The number of staff working in Vietnam in 4 years


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