Thanh Hoa Police arrested a 40-seat "cramming" 40-seat passenger car on Highway 1A


Evening 8/2, Quang Xuong Police Station, Thanh Hoa District Traffic Division, said about 17h08 on the same day, the interdisciplinary team and passenger car handling with Lieutenant Nguyen Xuan Son – Quang Xuong Officer Police Traffic to be a leader In the case of NH1A, find the section that passed through the department into a passenger car. carrier of the IC: 18B – 001.25, running north to south, and # 39; shows brutal signs, so he stopped his car for an administrative inspection.

Thanh Hoa Police trapped 40 passengers' cars

Many travelers "crammed" to sit in the middle of the corridor.

During the inspection, the vehicle was run by Vu Dinh Khoa (SN 1983), living in Tin Thinh Long, Hai Hau and Nam Dinh areas, drive his vehicle above the prescribed number (62/40 people). South Westerly

A traffic police has entered into a recording for a "Disposal of more than 5 persons on cars over 30 seats" specified in Schedule 2, Article 23 of Statute 46 / ND -CP on 26 May 2016 of the Government. Covering and making records of administrative breach for car owners, & # 39; It is the Joint Stock Company of Hai Ha, addressing the Nam Dinh province, "Delivering ways or allowing staff and representatives to take control of existing vehicles; hit "prescribed in Clause 2, Section 23 ND 46 / ND-CP dated 26 May, 2016" specified in Clause 3, Article 30 of Section 46 / ND-CP Act dated 26 May 2016 of the South-

Quang Xuong Police Station asked the driver to write a promise not to carry out more than the prescribed number of people and the vehicles to follow the trip.

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