Thank you, neighbors! We are thrilled, and the television is NOT A CROATIA from the national team of Slovenia


The RTL RTL television station is very popular.

Cròbach co-workers were with words that make a great difference to the way in which the people of Soloa were in a position; See how the Russian-chosen species were in summer to the World Cup finals in Russia. Although the Slovak media and football stakeholders were clear on Croatia and its national team, Croatia's television has shown that this trip is very affordable in the face of a huge Sail failure.

The President Uefa can not help them: Shannon will be able to; go to the stump with Andorra! & # 39; they were dealing with a paper in which they are still saying. "Slovenia will now deal with San Juan and Liechtenstein, and many say that the group's competition will compete with Andorra. European champions, therefore, are basketball, third in the world in a special handset and sporting ball in the winter, in the Playgrounds Aleksandar Ceferin game, and on the playing fields they were capable of an accident. "

Now you're thinking about what you want …

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