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The best actor in the 55th Golden Horse Awards, Xie Yingxi, and prime actor Xu Wei. (Photography / NOWnews Design Center, 2010.11.17)
▲ Xinke Jinma Ying after Xie Yingxi (left) was given half an hour later, so that the actor Xu Wei's screenplay screen could be seen on the spot.

The "Theatrical Diary" is known as the "Actaire Xie Yingyu" and has been working in the performance field for many years. The scenes of the year are based on the film "Who Loves Him First" after the Gold Hell, but the red was not followed, and the weekly magazine broke the news. After the award, according to the usual traditions, the best male actor should take a picture. Xi Wei, a Xie Yingzhen mobility, was put in to allow his / her other party to wait for half an hour, causing the team to join the team. Although the final couple finished the picture, Xu Wei refused media interviews. It seems to have an impact on their enjoyment.

According to the "Mirror Weekly" report, the ceremony night, just as the media were waiting to shadow the emperor, but they did not. see Xie Yingzhen, and Xu Wei, who was hanging on her half, waiting for a long time, but he said with a smile: "I still have one business with you After that, will I help my late Father to go to his face? Now technology is very advanced , but set the cheeks for the other. "In addition to its & # 39; girl, the falls are slower! "

About half an hour, Xie Yingzhen pulled his final dress until he appeared, the two talents successfully drew a group, but according to statements, the late Xie Yingqiu said, even "sadly" that was not saying, to see the end of the picture, Xu Yan, the team said immediately: "We will not take a flat trip!" The mind is hard. In response, the Golden Gold Action Committee responded: "The staff did not forget that the film had been removed after the Emperor, and took Xie Yingzhen to Wenhua Oriental in advance to take part in the farewell party."

▲ Xie Yingzhen after the gold seal, I'm not happy. (Picture / Reporter Ye Zhengxun, 2018.11.18) "width =" 6123 "height =" 4082 "class =" size-full wp-image-3075220 "srcset =" -content /uploads/2018/11/1542483744-7e3a496725b53be8d86508d2cede984f.jpg 6123w, 300w, https: // www .nownews .com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/11 / 1542483744-7e3a496725b53be8d86508d2cede984f-768x512.jpg 768w, jpg 1024w, 696w, 11 / 1542483744-7e3a496725b53be8d86508d2cede984f-1392x928.jpg 1392w, 1068w, wp- Content / uploads / 2018/11 / 1542483744 -7e3a496725b53be8d86508d2cede984f- 630x420.jpg 630w, 1260w "sizes =" (max-width: 6123px) 100vw, 6123px
▲ Xie Yingzhen after the gold seal, I'm not happy. (Photograph / Reporter Ye Zhengxun, 2018.11.18)

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