Thanks to Google's support, Collibra comes to the garden


Building $ 100 million, Collibra has just reached a value of more than $ 1 billion, just ten years after its creation.

At the end is a & # 39; His first unicorn technology in Belgium. We do not talk about the children's 2.0 story ready but a huge bad page made by Collibra. here There was a specialized Brussels coup in data management have entered the month of Tuesday in the big garden.

A Belgian company has been regularly going to & # 39; collect more money for seven digits.

It has just built $ 100 million from CapitalG, an investment fund where we find such a & # 39; Alphabet, Google's leading company. In addition to these new investors, its company has also received support from a number of other players, including Capital Iconic, who is already a subsidiary of the company and in which Mark's capital Zuckerberg.

A Belgian company has gone up consistently in fundraising with more than seven figures. For years ago, it was not less than 50 million euros that were submitted to the company, which originally started out of the VUB.

But the company's managers may have a special taste of this new grant. With this new money, there are more than $ 1 billion in capital today, just 10 years after its launch. A symbolic wheel has come in just ten years, and this brings technology to its technology; The first "unicorn" of Belgium in Collibra.

Flanders does not believe it

This story of success was carried by a man: Felix Van de Maele. Once he graduated, he decided to launch Collibra as a page. Although some people need a quiz in a business world, he prefers to go to; celebrating his relationship with the academic world. What will he give him "new vision and belief,"He explained, a few months ago, in our columns.

Show original, choose a city to add its cards and develop their ideas. At that time, the Department of Brussels has a " believe and agree that he will not invest in his project. Initially the man tried to prove his home area, but not succeed.

Based between Belgium, the United States, a & # 39; Poland and Britain, Collibra will see its annual change to & # 39; Growing to grow up annually. Last year, it was up 80%. Last September, a Belgian company overseas for the second time in "Forbes Cloud 100", the record in the American-famous magazine that took over the most important companies in the world of the region.

Each client has hundreds of users in the company. The company, for example, was given proof of the largest American banks to work with, shortly after the emergence.

today There are over 450 people working for Belgium. But its company has not completely completed its growth. To ensure growth, Collibra always needs to expand its troops. For 2019, the scale is counted on employing 200 people.

This is just the first

4 questions to Félix van de Maele, Head of Collibra

1 – Why did you need new money only one year after it increased 50 million?

In fact, we did not need new assets right now. What is not worse. It is always more interesting to negotiate as well as money at a time when they are not essential. We received a number of offers. CapitalG was particularly interesting. It was sensible to be included in our capital. Google is now a company working with the world's largest data. Their knowledge is very useful. Getting a name like Google is also a useful contributor for recognition. We want to use this money to continue to improve our products and its products. grow rapidly.

2 – Why is fast growing necessary?

We are in a special market led by just big players. Today, we have become one of the market leaders. We need to stay like that. but this must continue to expand large investments. In particular, we expect to attract 200 people.

3 – You have posted a two-digit growth for several years. Can this change be a long time ago?

Yes, I think we continue to & # 39; grow rapidly. Last year, we had a 80% growth. A previous year, 120%. We are in a market where there is still a lot of potential. I think we have just started off. So we still have a lot of room for improvement.

4 – Is your Belgian site still important?

Yes of course. The US market is indeed one of our priorities. Our headquarters in New York are those with most of our staff out of our 450. but Europe and so Belgium is still very important in our development. Our Belgian site is specially for development. It is a strategic place for the company and we do not expect to change it.

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