Thanksgiving competition! The 2019 iPhones Monitor Lightning Connector and 5W Charger must be maintained


The main 2019 new iPhones competitors seem to bring users who want to cut smartphones faster as soon as possible to remove them from their & # 39; accordion and also prioritize the use of its & # 39; Most of their materials have a USB Type-C connection.

Although even the mid-platform tools start to & # 39; accept the USB-C in the body of the device and its luggage / wall rod, such as the Moto G7 Plus USB-C features to USB cable and 27W mast which causes the machine to be upgraded up to an hour, Apple does not appear to have a "#; Connect to this market and keep it on & # 39; promise what he will do.

According to information from the Macotakara website in Japan, the new 2019 iPhones should continue to run; Supporting Lightning's own connections, and what should be even worse for users; keep offering the well of the well Electricity to USB-A tip with just 5W charger, which does not allow for early costs.

The strategy, if Apple is included, is similar to today, where it is the user who wants fast loading must pay for this when they buy in the makers' store the official registration center. Apple Brazil costs $ 21 for the 18W vehicle and $ 349 for a 30W vehicle, both compatible with smartphone phones; company.

The vision of such a company also has a major impact on its key initiatives: Samsung already has a; Offer fast packs with her device box, including messages and transit, as well as Motorola, Huawei, LG, Sony and almost all other companies.

Rumors said Apple should do what he did with iPad Pro models when he delivered the product with a USB-C connection in the body itself, but now it seems to be devolved Many users of the maker hear what they need to do; Keeping company is your Lightning connector and, which is even worse, is the quick rod offer in the product box.

Indeed, Apple is still able to change his mind and, in fact, anything can happen. So we will try to improve the story if more information is to confirm that the new iPhone XI lightning is launched.

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