THAOBH: Discovery Metro Copper is cool after your stopping trick driver is installed on the # 39; police & buses & # 39;


November 27, 06:55 PM

Inga Mbambisa, News24

Namibia is a scheduled truck video that decides the way to directors. Last year's police put on heat discussions on Facebook.

In the video, the driver sees her & # 39; A complaint about trying to stop "in the banks" as a Tshwane police officer who welcomes traffic to block traffic.

Another officer will then come to the truck because his & her; first officer standing, casing his & her; drive to drive.

The second officer can be heard to be sworn at the driver, and threatens to break his phone before adding "this is not a victim of Namibia".

When they were pressured to comment on the event, Metro Tshwane's Divisional Superintendent, Isaac Mahamba, told News24 that the department was aware of the video.

"Whilst we understand that businessmen are afraid to stop at times of unsafe due to past events, we encourage them to contact the police [of their apprehension] when he stopped, "he said.

"They have to apply for the police to continue to drive the nearest police station or garage to stop them without identifying their purpose."

Mahamba said that the strong language used by the police officer was "clearly unsuitable".

"Our members should always deal with members of the public and drivers with their honors," said Mahamba.

Metro Tshwane Police Department stated that complaints should be reported for further investigation, and possible controlling action.

Members of the public can report complaints by telephoneing 012 358 7095/6.

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