That's greed! For royalty-free transfers rights, they paid EUR 668 million, ask the EVENTS clubs!


British television has placed Sky on the media rights to its main league either in the quality of the English football competition for the next five quarters. For more movement of the program's programs on the island, Sky paid a lot of 668 million euros, ratified Monday in the EFL football league.

The biggest football championship is the largest or unfamiliar football league in the world and, according to the total revenue, the richest seventh league in Europe, it is not surprising that The move of games at the War in Amazing England. In the 2016/17 season, the games of clubs that take part in the & # 39; This camera is a mirror at the normal level of 20,130 football fans. Better league matches are on the old continent, and in the wider world, except in Germany at the games of the second league of the German Bundesliga.

The new contract will come into effect next year.

Fifteen clubs in the lawsuit have been asked by the leaders of the League to refuse a Sky claim, saying that the contract does not; It takes too little money and Sky is long-term connected to the league.

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