That's one of the worst Raw programs I've ever seen


They had almost nothing about this week's program Sunday:

– One of the biggest reasons WWE has been loyal for what is like ten years is that they are always going back to the well with the authority's angles, and more often because it is not sea; who is trying to keep a baby-cropped back. There are not many characters that can do this work, and there is currently no one on the WWE agenda. We saw this all night, with Baron Corbin who ran wild and even at # 39; created another one authority number, this one for sharing women in Alexa Bliss. Do not be surprised to learn to go to divide where she was currently controlling two bodies over that powerful power.

– Whatever happened to these reports / facts is that Vince McMahon hates factions? It is certain that we feel how we have seen a variety of translations on a wild problem of damaging almost all Raw programs for the last six months, no matter how small & # 39; it is sensible. Here we got Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew MacIntyre. They were running over Elias, one of the only uniforms that had been seized regularly, and then went on to go to it. Fionn Balor, who was completely lost since his wound, had to leave the Universal concert. That was two years ago, with the way.

– No bigger case with this show. Everything is hot. It has never been completed. No friendly winners are found.

– Oh, waiting, the benefit of Babyface was available – Seth Rollins challenged the Intercontinental competition and defeated his opponent with the Falcon Arrow, which was a good pace of change. The problem? Dolph Ziggler was the person who responded to her challenge. I do not remember who the two lutewes are; I can not go into a game if I've already been 748 times this year.

– Talk about Rollins, Dean Ambrose received a pre-failure section where he promoed how Rollins is ill and there is no cure to cure it long. a doctor was brushed into the donkey because rabies were needed to kill him.

– Taigh an Lòcha Party works in gimmick where they can do what they want as three in tag team games in accordance with their own rules, where there are no issues such as tagging, in and out and as an important legal person. They do this as something.

– Nia Jax raised one of the worst promos of every time that could be seriously injured; It was the heat she got for her job to be terrible and her opponent's injury. I never saw him away from going to his mouth to sit on his hands; declining at each word. Ronda Rousey stops this fortress, where Jax was in a position; attacking her, and she came to the girl's ring from her ear to earrings as the fans went to her face; complained to her. I even stopped the show, if it was for a few fingers, tell the people how beautiful & # 39; as she gives her confidence. Then she had the aim of going to & # 39; A bad bad cut where she heard something wisely and at one time she seemed to have forgotten her lines. It was so uncomfortable. To top it, Jax responded to a challenge for fighting by saying "I've been fooling for a while" before everyone came out. Finally, Natalya's music hit and ran inside. What was she in the eye? Then Nattie was attacked by The Riott Squad before she even got the ring and Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan. Raw concert raid easily returned in seconds. The department is just finished after that. Bad promos, horrible stories, awful time – this is an amazing message that was everywhere. One of the worst parts of the year.

– AOP won a game because Drake Maverick was pissed on a gown.

– After Ember Moon won against Alicia Fox, No Way Jose came out for his game against Jinder Mahal. Indeed, he had his cone line and Renee Young could hear a statement saying "Ember's hate laments her" dancing " as long as her & # 39; moon and dance and her; laughter in the conga lineSouth Westerly

– Alexa Bliss made a section containing "open forum" at Sasha Banks and Bayley to answer questions from the audience. After announcing this, Banks and Bayley were on Twitter and commented on the women's tag team titles as a means of encouraging the department. One question was asked to them: "what will you change about the women's division?" Leave that out the door to select the selected tag titles for women. Instead, they run down Bliss, because, again, this exhibition needs to be related to who the authority will have at any time. The episode came to an end when Alicia Fox, Mickie James, and Dana Brooke ran randomly and learned.

Again, this is one of the worst programs Sunday I have always been unhappy to watch. It is a completely reliant star and does not have stars, because the person responsible for doing so does not appear to know how to do so or does not support for rescuers who do not want to appear every week.

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