That's very frightening: 2 hospitals in Brampton after sheets of phlywood with wind wind


Two were taken to hospital after a horrible event in Brampton Wednesday (2 January) where a page of a unlocked prototype was released out of a vehicle and collapsed through a wind turbine.

The OPP reported that the event was about 4 p.m. near Highway 410 and East Queen Street.

The driver left her with a phlywood vehicle on the scene, but a witness told him the number of licensing plates to the police.

The OPP looks for a & # 39; vehicle and are expected to be arrested quickly.

Fear and woman in the number of wounds that were preserved, including cuts and shoes.

"Maybe he was deadly," OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt. "They're lucky to live."

Drivers who subsequently passed the scene began to social media to express their hearing with what happened.

"There is an awful OMG," Cynthia Ruth tweeted. "It could be very worse."

The OPP reminds people to make sure that things connected to vehicles are safe.

"Make sure your devices are tied and held correctly," said Schmidt.

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