That's why River Plate supporters have grown with the competition goal


River Plate the man who was Better, he did not break out and he knew how to find the places against Boca Juniors, in a great day for the Argentine team, is the new Copa Libertadores conflict. A game defined in the extension, and the second time supporting the aims.

After finishing 1-1 in the 90 minutes ordered, Juan Fernando Quinteros he made a 2-1 minute 109 into the game. Goal which will be among the best stages of the competition. Diana who celebrated the joy of being fairies.

But at minute 122, Gonzalo Nicolás Martínez Only explained against the visit, when Andrada moved to the River area for corner breaking. That launch was broken by Armani, a & # 39; get out quickly and deadly for the arguments Mouth

That's the way Martinez preserves the final 3-1, with the fans River Plate broke at Santiago Bernabéu with pleasure.

There is a registered gameplayer from the gallery, for a gamekeeper who should have been waiting for more than the recordings to be able to do their own as the best of the most important championship in America Right.

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