The $ 1 million prize will wait for the Israeli team to work ashore


The Israeli team aiming to remove a spaceship in a moon in two weeks can now plan ahead of glory if it works. How about $ 1 million cool?

The XPrize Foundation announced Thursday that it offers a difficult prize for a successful moon cleansing.

Beresheet – the spawning vessel – was privately funded by Israel for “Genesis” – launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida last year. He is on the landing route on the 11th of April, a situation which would make Israel only the fourth country to land ashore.

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SpaceIL, the Israel-based non-profit behind Beresheet, made the final of the $ 20 million Google Lunar XPrize competition, which ended last year without a winner. The new award was inspired by the constant evolution of SpaceIL.

On Sunday, SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries engineers produced Beresheet photographic images, introducing selfie with Earth from 265,000 kilometers (165,000 miles) above the surface of the planet and video of the sunrise .

A photograph taken by a Beresheet spaceship where the Israeli flag can be seen on a plaque with the inscription, 'Yisrael Chai,'; The Jews, among them the Jews; and in English, Small country, big dreams, & 39; took 37,600 kilometers from Earth. (With the concept of SpaceIL / IAI)

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