The 10 best car models in 2018


Inside the data shared by the Association of Automotive Merchants of the Argentine Republic (Acara), which showed a 10.9% drop in households throughout 2018, which gave some emphasis modules that were even in a year that was cut on a landmark application.

An drive to drive the rating of patents Toyota Hilux, the best choice chosen in the agricultural work. There were 33,482 patent units enough to delete its Volkswagen Gol model; first case.

The podium of modules was completed with the highest number of patterns with the Toyota Etios (32,023 jobs), and the Ford Ka (30,431 patent units).

The level of units sold was completed in the following manner:

1) Toyota Hilux: 33,482 units

2) Toyota Ethiopia: 32,203 units

3) Ford Ka: 30,431 units

4) Chevrolet Onix: 30,313 units

5) Chevrolet Prisma: 27,973 units

6) Volkswagen Goal: 24,719 units

7) Renault Kwid: 22,578 units

8) Peugeot 208: 22,494 units

9) Renault Sandero: 22,096 units

10) Fiat Argo: 21,385 units

In regard to brands, Volkswagen was first replaced by 117,087 patterns, and then Renault sold with 114,300. The third most successful banner over the # 39; year Chevrolet, with 101,252 units.

In total, although compared to last year, the patterns fell dramatically, the number of 802,992 units sold 0 km remains the most successful third year of the entity's fiscal.

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