The 10-year-old boy leaves his home


Monday 11/19/2018 14:45 PM (GMT + 7)

After 15 years of singing singers had been in a & # 39; supporting the king's title on the floor of music.

On the afternoon of November 18, Luong Gia Huy's news conference just wanted to show his first live performance as "Back to Thai Nguyen" with the involvement of other industry artists . Ngoc Son, Duong Ngoc Thai, Thanh Thanh Hien.

Luong Gia Huy – from tea Thai Nguyen, an orphaned mother, is over 10 years old left to leave the country to establish a business, known to the audience when he is in a position; specializes in Vietnamese music music in the dance music style style as: You are so handsome, Eyes & Lips, Hey Ho, So lucky, Better day, Milk flowers, Flowers of hair, A & # 39; going to schoolAudiences are highly regarded as the "King of floor music".

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The singer Ngoc Son has stopped installing his / her show; News conference to name student life in Hanoi.

Luong Gia Huy's audience is mostly in the areas, singing along with Luong Gia Huy as songs about sudden changes, short, unfinished experiences in life.

Speaking about his role, Luong Gia Huy met his time in Saigon: "Indeed, over 10 years of age, I was far from home, nobody wanted to be away from Home just to be near my family, no. There are people who can choose their own country and no one can choose their mother.

New years in the south, I have to go to work with all kinds of jobs, things. I have to wait at my brother's house, and everyone knows what a woman can do, Huy can do so, what does Huy do that too?

There are many marketing problems on every street in Saigon, Saigon as Huy's second home, but not all listed here.

Huy also wants to thank the mother who is building his / her; comedy. Kim Ngoc on Luong Gia Huy steers Dong Dong drum for becoming a professional singer. Linh, I do not know Liang Jia Huy who hopes to bring 2-3000 to Huy to release his first record to find out today.

Not only fans in many departments, in the showbiz, are male singers very like many of the artists in the south, from Ngoc Son's teacher, to Khai Phong, Duong Ngoc Thai …

However, what is the wonder of many people who have the relationship between himself and the artist Thanh Thanh Hien. He is grateful to the King of Comedy north of this live performance of Luong Gia Huy – Xuan Hinh in a special piece with the singer.

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The Thanh Thanh Hien artist was present at Luong Gia Huy's news conference.

When asked about the relationship with his brother Luong Gia Huy and the reason why he invited Xuan Hinh to participate in the program, artist Thanh Thanh Hien said:In fact, I was born and brought up in Quoc Tu Giam, Hanoi. But people still love tea, Thai Nguyen is for you.

From the beginning, when Huy spoke to me about the live show, I supported him not only to support his brother in the industry, and he is my country. I have never done a concert in Thai Nguyen that Huy could do so, I must also support me, indeed from the heart I am doing; Feeling to move and I hope it will succeed"

Also, she tried to invite her long-term friend Xuan Hinh to accompany her program with her. But, for his words, Thanh Thanh Hien has made a lot of effort to prove. She said:Xuan Hinh's partnership is very difficult because Xuan Hinh is already struggling, and now it's again … it is not necessary now that's more difficult. Le Huy, Hien needed to persuade Hinh in a different way and finally Xuan Hinh took him.

Girl group

There were around 1,000 spectators at the walking street to welcome the idol at sunrise.

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