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The reason why Real Madrid's shooting, Cristiano Ronaldo was still crucial, with seven teams over the eighth, so many of the forms were eliminated, Manchester United at the end of the suspicion … Find out about the main events at the games on Tuesday counting for the 5th Champions League.

The 12 notices

Real Madrid has recovered well on the AS Roma range (2-0).

Results Tuesday:

Group E : Athens AEK 0-2 Ajax Amsterdam, Bayern Munich 5-1 Benfica.
Group F : OLYMPIC LYONNAIS 2-2 Manchester City, Hoffenheim 2-3 Shakhtar Donetsk.
Group G : Moscow CSKA 1-2 Viktoria Plzen, AS Roma 0-2 Real Madrid.
H Group : Juventus de Turin 1-0 Valencia CF, Manchester United 1-0 Young Boys Bern.

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1. Their impact; proud of Real Madrid … Last year's last weekend in the league on the Eibar pitch (0-3), the Merengue has formally responded to Rome (2-0) in the European League. Compiled during the first task with a great opportunity to be harvested by the Romans (see below), Santiago Solari men woke up in the second half, supporting Gaelic from Gareth Bale, and Lucas Vazquez in the case. Sufficient to be suitable for the 8th and green first in Group G.

VIDEO: The visit is almost written by Gareth Bale …

2. When Cristiano Ronaldo does not visit, he will go to; passing. The best scorer in the history of the European League was a great deal to blast the nets against an old expert on his. Spanish camp, Valencia, but he only had a caviar for Mario Mandzukic (1-0), his team,, after a small pass of his legs … It needs to be suitable for Bianconeri in a round of 16.

VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo's Ceremony for Mario Mandzukic …

3. The teams that were certified around 16 Tuesday. 7 teams confirmed the ticket for the "Grand 16" of this C1 Tuesday during the 5th day. In group E, the Bayern Munich (13 pts) and theAjax Amsterdam (11 pts) to compete for a & # 39; First place in Holland in two weeks, as it happens Juventus (12 pts) and Manchester United (10 pts) well, at Pool H. In Group G, an Real Madrid he is sure he ends up, in front of theAS Roma, like Manchester City in a bath F, but Skyblues does not know the dolphin yet! In memory, FC Barcelona has already checked its ticket for the rest of the competition on its own. fourth day.

Despite being & # 39; Call to Real (0-2), AS Roma Steven Nzonzi will play in & # 39; a round of 16

4. Manchester United at the border, Mourinho is a miss out! Everyone was surprised, the Red Devils expelled to attack the Boys Boys of Boys (1-0) at Old Trafford. We can not be stronger now, the Mancunians had to wait for the extra time and how Marouane Fellaini was realized (90 + 1e), author aims to attack! Under pressure throughout his game, José Mourinho's coach let his bitter whistle break finally to mark the 8th certificate. In his way …

VIDEO: Marouane Fellaini brand, leaving Mourinho …

5. Great Stop From Gea … As described above, Manchester United managed to & # 39; game against Boys Boys of Bern (1-0) Tuesday at Old Trafford. But José Mourinho was somewhat weak. And one of them, the keeper, David De Gea, had to leave the march so his team would not be guided! As a cat, the Spanish is stretched out to take his ball on his goal line … Without all, the Red Devils would have been struggling to reach the eighth!

VIDEO: David De Gea rescues Manchester United again …

6. Bayern Munich is winning Robben's seud. Despite problems in & # 39; Bundesliga, the Bavarians on Benfica (5-1) are easily made on Tuesday in C1. The men of Niko Kovac were organized by Arjen Robben's lonely thanks, determined by "Special" ! In the process, the Dutch duplicated the game in a very handsome, and double-league by Robert Lewandowski and then Franck Ribery's visit ended his. cross.

VIDEO: an "Special" Arjen Robben will defeat Benfica!

7. Cornet wants Manchester City … Write the author of the opener in the first step, a & # 39; First Messin was brought back (2-2), and even put his second goal! The opportunity lost the first half, but it was clear that Lyon makers were able to have their best interests with his. first spectacular strike. Aymeric Laporte was similar, before the Ederson Rhythm struck again! Unfortunately, Sergio Agüero ended at Stadium Groupama (read the Debrief and NOTES of the players).

VIDEO: a big strike, Maxwel Cornet will open the scanner against its & # 39; Town!

8. The Shakhtar gives the certificate to Olympique Lyonnais after a crazy game! The Gons contract was simple, which would have been certified in a case between Hoffenheim and Shakhtar (2-3). Unfortunately for Bruno Genesio's team, the Ukrainians took their advantage. thanking Taison at the end of the cross (90 + 2e). OL, which has two points still in front, still needs to be suited to attract or influence … in Ukraine, in two weeks!

VIDEO: after the rip, Taison glace Hoffenheim …

9. 13 years later, Ajax Amsterdam will return to her & # 39; a round of 16. By winning the turf at AEK Athens (2-0), thanks to a double of Tadic, the Amsterdammers have tested the ticket for the breakdown rates at the European League. And the Dutch will be able to taste this show, as they are finally involved "Grand 16" of the Ch1 going back to the season … 2005-2006! At that time, Inter Milan had told them how they went out (2-2, 0-1).

Double from Dusan Tadic sends Ajax in the eighth … 13 years after a final certificate. club!

10. Organizations that take the door. At the last whistle of these Tuesday games, No 7 mathematical teams have now been able to qualify for their 16, that is: Benfica, AEK Athens, Hoffenheim, Viktoria Plzen, CSKA Moscow, Valencia and Bern. Some are being eradicated from European competitions, such as the Greeks or Young Boys, and others still in the race to compete in the Europa League, such as Plzen, Moscow no Hoffenheim.

Lost by Manchester United, Young Boys Bern has been abolished from every European Cup

11. Viktoria Plzen can dream about Europa League. With a point on the clock at # 39; Five days, it was clear that the Czech team was the best for them for the 4th place. But his surprise to CSKA Moscow (2-1), after his visit, managed to change the game! Indeed, the objectives of Prochazka and Hejda have allowed Plzen to return to Moscow, with 4 points. Both teams are removed from Q1, still to get the C3 !

The Plzen players have a delight after the success against CSKA Moscow …

12. Amazing Damage Cengiz Ünder! Really enthusiastic, Real Madrid is being defended Page clean to Romanian supporter Cengiz Ünder, author of lack of accuracy that affects the front of the visit. Just before he returned to the catching room, Dani Carvajal tried to be very dangerous and attacked his mother Edin Dzeko took the real caviar opportunity to his Turkish team team. Unfortunately for the Italians, he did not find the frame, as long as he was five meters from the cage … Put the top on the underground ground?

VIDEO: extraordinary failure Cengiz Ünder …

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Writer's second goal of Real Madrid behind AS Roma (2-0), Lucas Vazquez gave thanks to the air

Cristiano Ronaldo, a positive criterion, and Mario Mandzukic, scorer with Juventus against Valencia (1-0)

Marcus Rashford lost many Manchester United opportunities against Bern (1-0) …

Maxwel Cornet, a double author by Lyon against Manchester City (2-2)

Bayern Munich was hitting Benfica (5-1) on Tuesday and Franck Ribery was circulated!

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