The 13 requests that Google removed from the Play Store due to being taken by malware Technology


Recently Google had to take 13 applications from her Play Store after having to make sure they were infected malware

As it is recorded in the digital media NDTV, these are "controlled" platforms professional games

When trying to & # 39; opened a game, stayed for a while while it was – at the same time – put a virus on it; button. The most dangerous thing is, in many cases, that the consumers have fallen completely.

It should be noted that this application was very popular before being removed. Then we'll leave you with the list.

– Traffic SUV Maintenance Deals
-To Druma Simulator
-Transfering high speed driving
-Rooms worldwide
-SUV Town Dreap Park
– Baile Driving Car Park
-City Traffic Moto Racing
-Truck Cargo Simulator
-SUV 4 × 4 Driver simulator
-Firefighter – Fire Truck Simulator
– Management Vehicle Park

As the Spanish ABC newspaper said, they all added to the Play Store with the same developer: Luis O. Pinto.

The aim of the people behind these viruses was to be at # 39; value their efforts by sending unsolicited advertising with their & # 39; as soon as the device was opened.

The malware researcher Lukas Stefanko, from the security company ESET, the one who appeared the list of applications. As described, they also asked for full access to the network and they saw the network and Wi-Fi connections.

If you are one of the people who download one of these apps, it's best to start your phone in a safe mode and then delete the application. Another thing you can continue to do is # 39; Get some protection against malware, such as Avast Security and 360 Security.

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