The 19-year-old man will run away before his / her start; wedding, returning to demand for genes and saying it's hard


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Two families have been preparing for the big day but when the pigs were killed, the party was ready, the 19-year-old woman fled before the marriage.

The 19-year-old man will run away before his / her start; wedding, returning to demand for drinks and sweeping applications


On the afternoon of October 12, two dads and a son went to the People's Peace Store in Lingyin Township, Hunan Province, China for help. The father is small, dark, and the face of the child is silent.

Just entering the door, the father is going to; complains that Ly is a farmer in Shaoxing County and his son is doing small jobs in town. In March, his son was involved in the Zhao woman in the same town, but the couple did not sign up.

They intend to take a wedding on 1 October. However, when a blade's launcher, the party is ready, the girl escapes another with a wedding day a week. Mr Li said that the event did not raise his family's face with friends and friends, not to mention the level of savings that were also needed.

To make this marriage for his son, his elderly couple spent almost all their home repairs and furniture purchases. In addition, the product for Ms Zhao is 70,000 yuan (equivalent to 235 million).

Especially with his wife-in-law who had escaped, Li's father went to the Intermediate Room for help. According to Mr Li, unless Zhao agreed to marry, they would not be arrested, but the amount of 70,000 yuan given to Ms Zhao must be returned to his family. In addition, Ms. Zhao is pregnant with a child but the child in the sea is not sure of his son and therefore is not in care.

After listening to Mr Li's presentation, his / her equalities office is Zhao's parents. But the bridal family's ideas are very strange. They said that disagreement could not be made about divorce and the daughter's result. They do not want to go to the Intermediate Room. When it was dark, the person who was responsible for giving comfort to the son of Mr Li and a one-off mission of the event tomorrow.

The next day, the reason for a 19-year-old wife who has escaped during marriage day has been clarified. The Bride family is very difficult. The house looks like only four walls and no value inside. Mr Zhao had scattered shoes, Ms Zhao was in a tight hair style. In addition to Ms Zhao, their family also have a mentally ill-minded person who can not be cared for by himself.

After staff saw the adjustment room, Ms. Zhao said: "At all costs my daughter will marry as a partner. If you are not married, just death and death. Mr Zhao is just a dentist whose wife and wife Zhao are silent, no words say.

In fact, Zhao's family were ready to let Li their daughter. Mr Li and his son are hard, working hard and staying in a mansion house two stories; town. After a marriage, the boys have more difficulty to support the woman. But things were not done as expected, Ms Zhao was unsure in the words of a person who escaped one week before the marriage.

Zhao family lost a lot of effort to bring their daughter back and they are still hoping that the boys will take her daughter again. Despite the wishes of parents, the young woman said: "I do not like it. I have a new lover. I will let the baby get my stomach."

Mr Trieu confirmed that his son was the child in his body. Ms Zhao also said she is pregnant with her son, but he will destroy her as promised "Let a new lover promise me to give me thousands of dollars. I'll pay money to Ly".

Finally, both families decided to meet each other. Mr Li said he would go back to Ms. Zhao, lamenting her family to lose her so she can not be with her again. He agreed to give her to kill her. The meeting also helped Grandma Trieu understand his mistakes when he gave his daughter to marry who he did not like. They will pay the product within 15 days and they will be able to pay them. officially complained to Mr Li's family.

Beautiful and sad money & # 39; to escape on the wedding day: the last word

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