The 2019 Oscars efforts have been resolved to reveal a deep mystery for the Oscars


In the Stephen King novel 11/22/63, the school teacher Jake Epping is getting a port in a pantry at the local dinner that will return to his / her; 1958. He decides to use this illness in a long time to find and kill Lee Harvey Oswald before Oswald can destroy John F. Kennedy – a cultural point that hit the country hard of its & # 39; course. But the Jake is closer to getting to Oswald, more time and history will be to her; fight against each other, and grow into fatal as any other monster in King's books. It is not time to change, and it is imperative to punish anyone who is in a position; try.

This is the case with the Oscars this year, except the Academy of Arts and Motion Sciences and the producers of the awards are not rewarding; Try to do anything as high as changing history for the better. They are sure to try to change the history shorterThey are trying to re-engage in professional work; The guilds and the well-known horizons may be happy, but are constantly leaning to poor reviews and the entertaining work of the tenderer on his / her; business calendar. And most of them all, they are. Look for an uncertain formula to change again to & # 39; move back to their television levels. They want to win over a younger generation that will continue. But despite the harder they are going to do; in opposition to great traditions, the challenge will come harder – and the deepest one that will be a great deal; go.

When the 2019 Academy Awards ceremony will continue on Sunday, 24 February, it will almost certainly be a fiasco of historical divisions. Over the weekend, the producer's plans for four awards were awarded at the time of trading again after the famous Academy membership. (Especially uncertain campaign, because the two artforms, Best Editions and Best Cinematography The cinema is different from any other media.) And that's just the latest in a series of wonderful Academy galleries that were made in the public year this year, including an entertaining guest in Kevin Hart, who had to be pulled back after a PR crash over homophobic tweets, and a short minute 2018 winners did not get feedback routines as indicators.

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But the original sin, the victims of this ongoing accident, came back in early August, when the Academy announced a new award for Excellence in Complete Film. He established what had been a regular pattern of behaviors: an unmistakable decision, quickly examined, and pursuing a public immigrant population, and then provoking considerable challenge from all over , and a & # 39; decline back.

As well as appearing as the prize, Montgomery Burns has a & # 39; created to avoid a lawsuit regarding radical poisoning The Simpsons, A crude statement of love; in complete performance in Complete Film: the Academy can not continue to & # 39; avoiding the disconnection between the most important media at the center of its budget has been on & # 39; with respect to it, and the office box offices that affect the world that people have; see. So it's trying to make more decisions to do; attack a complex audience of attack, and & # 39; They may have been interested in pieces of wildlife.

The brain is responsible for the withdrawn General Film award and other conclusions – including President of the Academy John Bailey, Head of Dawn Hudson, and " Producer Donna Gigliotti, co-producer / director Glenn Weiss, and Bob Iger Disney, show the obvious problems. Related films are already "donated" by getting hundreds of millions of dollars at the office. box. "Popular" is not the artistic criteria. And even even & # 39; and the winners of the most original film that felt that their work was fine; get a partner prize, and be placed in an area that was not so popular with the best named photographs.

The same type of lodge was a "# 39; Kevin Hart's first decision to pay a guest, and he did not want to pay for her; get good suitability for mixing the light and bad badness of the scene, and more about making the best state in America, and hoping that it would look at spectators air-the-fence. John McCain's relatively serious crisis that Sarah Palin was a homosexuality: no investigation was carried out, red flags were lost, and the applicant's bad problems and poor Responding to a bad situation.

Occasionally the effects of the Oscars event may not be required. How do you broadcast more unlikely to & # 39; in relation to the artists that you say to honor? Is it possible to keep observers more unhealthy from having a? Get siphoned with other streaming and niche entertaining services that are designed to be more designed for their interests? There are years of unlucky shows and winners that are very damaging to some of those losses. There is no decision at all Titanic won the best of the highest Oscars show, and the smallest films broadcasting famous films such as There is no Country for Old Men and Water CapacityThis post is an age of specialist audiences, who seldom recognize professional TV, and have more interest in the destination of scamming than they make south- routine four hours. Luring has returned millions of spectators back to the Oscar that appears to be the re-opening of Rust Belt factories. There is a sense that they do not just return.

As we go into Sunday, the Academy is going to go to it. offering no hostile showcases, standard awards and lecturers, award-winning actors who give awards to other actors, a running time that will affect the optimist team for three hours, and a similar level vulva grande and Falt Dhomhnaill TrumpSouth Westerly

Even the special show, Lady Gaga, "Shallow" played by Bradley Cooper, was a replica of the recent Grammy play when she was surrounded by some of the largest names in music, rather than those who have been nominated for a & # 39; Best Short Action Guide. The 2019 Oscars are unlikely to be the pathways that fall into a narrower rhythm earlier than usual: "We were employed to showcase showcase, "said Gigliotti An New York Times"How do we do that way you do not see an award, an award, a commercial, an award, a commercial, a reward?"

There may be a gathering of the future talent of the Academy which can surround this thin thread for a broader, attractive, non-destructive display of people who are in the future. cares about it. But this year's model, from the outset, has looked like a great inspiration for the Oscars. It is like someone would believe he is forever; throwing out 90 years of heritage, and introducing the faux-populist concept of descent, and serving both the traditional and the audiences who did not care in the & # 39; first place.

In a way, however, it is the pleasure of its public; price that Hollywood pays for long-term transport. If there are sequencers, remakes, and other obstacles to the rights of nine main industry figures, the Academy should not be surprised when smaller films come up to the attention of the awards. The opportunities that visitors enjoy are very good. Many are enjoying to become more remote because the gaps between their budgets, marketing, hospitality and audiences are all over; extended.

But it is not a solution to trying to strengthen intermediate handheld between those poles. People dispose of life and change in particular, especially on social media, Expand the fastest moving rejections to new events. But people can know changes that look good and well-suited. This year's efforts have not re-opened the Oscars, and are doing more to remove drives from observers who may be reverted to the pipes.

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