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From November 29 to December 2, 2018, the Lumière and Mladost film in Bratislava showcasing special films from around the world. The International Film Festival Bratislava is once again bringing attractive program sections, in which Bratislava will be able to go. Provides world film production of the world. This year's unique situation is the theme of the women's society and cinema situation, as can be seen in this year's Letter section as well as the festival's image and image of the festival itself.

Elections Section Reading: A woman will show, the drama dancer, Tomáš Hudák, and filmmaker's director, Ivan Hucíková, am the film this year, focusing on the situation of women in cinematography, their ideas on the film and a unique knowledge of women. This theme also features a festival site. In a half-minute video, viewers will see a series of films, especially female directors. It is women of different skin color, appearance, age, character in different life situations in his musicians. In the back is the voice of Qatar, which will ask during the song: "Do you think we can not change anything because we are only women?" The text section comes from the song The Dolls are killed from the new Antigona record, Katarzia (Katarína Kubosi) co-operated by Pjoni (Jonatan Pastirčak).

"There was no last year in the cinema with #MeToo, so we made a reflection decision at Bratislava MFF on the situation of women – in society and in cinematography. We are the theme of a woman's rather than a male vision as marked by the theoretical film Laura Mulvey. In this section we will provide a range of female authors, we will try to draw attention to their knowledge a woman who is forgotten in film and society, we are thinking of how women have been and have been featured in films and remember that the species are not male and female, they talk about the section of builders and they are provision: "Not just a section. Five of the eight films in the Film Films Competition have been put on the women's directors, and in other sections we will & # 39; screening of films that affect a male perspective. "

The election will appear first of the director of Cyprus, screenwriter and producer Tonie Mishiali digging (Paphos, 2018). It brings us into the amazing life that is not enough enough Elpida as sine, a mid-century woman who lives in a patriarchal society, which is led by a secretive man.

Good work (Beau Travail, 1999), French leader, Claire Denis, is inspired by the novel by Herman Melvilla Billy Bud. The story appears about Gababella Sergeant, who is a trying to destroy the subordinate Gilles Sentaine. Through a leading production line, the director shows his opinion on the life of a soldier. The women's looks are enlarged by Denise's long films, Agnès Godard's films, which give audience pictures of power and male beauty, but their weaknesses.

The sexual vision of women and the film show also provides a documentary from the Spanish leader Diego Galán I would like to (With the broken leg, 2013). It includes not only humorous scenes, but unfortunately, from Spanish films chosen from the 30th to today.

Good work (Beau Travail, 1999, by Claire Denis)

The section that is popular with the audience A photo now provides a broad section of contemporary film work. The compilers, Nenad Dukid and Tomas Hudak, choose the most exciting films they have recorded at major world festivals. For more than 20 years, the Bratislava MFF has been giving a name to the Slovak community that is often a world anti-star.

Kenya's banned love is being developed by the director Wanuri Kahit in the picture Rafiki (2018). Homophobia, coming out, unintelligible and not accepting the & # 39; One-loved love, but also a joy, we recognize the story of two girls of politicians who compete. Kena is a student with a desire to become a nurse, although she can say he is a medical practitioner. Her best friend, Blacksta, who is a street football player, games and life, believes secretly that Ken once tries one. Well, she has eyes only for the Ziki anxiety, product. The film was banned in Kenya, but at the Cannes festival, the city was warmly welcomed.

Rafiki (2018 Wanuri Kahiu)

Vanessa Paradis fans can enjoy the picture Kiss in my heart (A couteau dans la coeur, 2018). She creates Anna, a top lesbian lesbian porn star at the end of the 70's in Paris, after a long-term partner break. France's leader, Yann Gonzalez, is outbreak of his worth of urgency when the gradual sergeant of the filmmakers Anna dies. It adds strength and mystery to the movie in particular with humorous, dark atmosphere and scenes, a variety of genres, neon lights and lively soundtrack; M83 group.

A fragmentary documentary movie Witnesses to Putin (Svidetel Putin, 2018) describing the situation at the end of 1999/2000. Vladimir Putin a & # 39; becoming a new Russian president. In his nearest team, Vitaly Mansky, a documentary film maker, who works to record the president during his working hours, is also working. In his horrible film, the director offers manual information – his archive statues, authentic images, certificates, certificates to & # 39; Coming with one of the world's leading political figures, regulating early stages. The film was featured at the Karlovy Vary Festival, where he also won the Best Recording Award.

Witnesses to Putin (Svidetel Putin, 2018, Vitaly Mansky)

The MFF Bratislava also exhibits the film life and director of David Lowery's screenwriter. A man with a hunter (The Old Man & The Gun, 2018) is the last film featuring Robert Redford. After 60 years of acting, in his 82 years, he has decided to complete his renowned career with the film where he is making a 70-year-old bank secretary, Forrest Trucker, who has received away from prison for his life for 17 years. Now you could enjoy a pension, but still organize one robbery.

The Bratislava International Film Festival was set up in 1999 and every year it creates a place for audience meetings, general cinemas and film professionals from Slobhacia and abroad. Since its inception, it has developed the profile of the Youth Film Festival – an event aimed at identifying new names of contemporary chinematography, which is the best way to star in the future.

The current information about the 20th International Bratislava Films program is available at and Facebook.

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