The 39-year-old woman tells of the kid's kidnapping in Gothenburg


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The 39-year-old woman who is being accused of a child says that she stole the child's vehicle to carry clothes.

It appears from a document that Aftonbladet has read.

A week ago, there was a great police force in Gothenburg for a six-month baby. The child had been in a pram outside a pre-school in Hisings Kärra for a while while his mother was pregnant, get a sibling. When she returned, the boy and the child did not go away.

On Friday, a 39-year-old woman was arrested for illegally detained at the Gothenburg District Court.

The police believed that she was stolen as a child and a pram.

But a woman has a completely different definition of what has happened. Aftonbladet has taken note of the record that was arrested on her husband. Then she tells us that tablets and alcohol had an influence on her that day.

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A 39-year-old woman who was arrested was suspected of illegal arrest since a child's vehicle was stolen for a child.

The reason she had been drinking was sad and she did not; a very emotional feeling. She took the stroller to be used to carry clothes, and maybe food was stolen.

However, she did not think there was any child.

Later in the hearing, the woman told her that she took the ferry on a bus and went to Bäckebol.

The woman says that she was surrounded when she found the baby.

One time then, she discovered that there was a child in the vehicle. Then she was a panel and a # 39; leaving her cart in her & # 39; park park with the child. It did not tell anyone that she left the child there but went into the shopping center.

Hedvig Lundblad prosecutor said after the cleansing hearing in the Gothenburg district court that she did not buy her / her daughters. Police certificates say that a & # 39; wife was aware early when she stole a child.

According to GT, the woman has appealed to claim but the claim was rejected.

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