The 4-year-old person who loves doing new work is Flash-like happiness


"Bombadh" the 10 questions about MC Tran Thanh during the "lightning", the boy became a warrior at the earliest 15 electronics.

WATCH VIDEO: Tan Phat is 4 years old responding to "lightning speed".

4 years of age as a child as a child in the early age - 1

If Nha Lam daughter is uncomfortable as Lightning as the youngest (4-year-old) championship to go to # 39; Swim up, Tan Phat's utopian boy set up a new record When his destination failure arrives with a "speed of light".

4 years as a child as a child with a new life - 2

The intellectual knowledge and flexible talents that affect its & # 39; This child leaves MC Tran Thanh "to drop a horn."

Ambulance or basketball sport, even stitches, will be answered by the MC when they complete the questions. South Westerly

4 years old when the age of the staff gets a lot of money - 3

Jump to the ninth sentence, Tran Thanh must stop a little while for an additional suggestion to Tan Phat. He and the two captains also believe that there are no questions of 10 tough babies.

In fact, when asked to you # 10: "What's in the mother of her puppy?", Tan Phat is not sorry to respond promptly to "dog"; make the warm room and affect happiness. As regards the child of Chi Khang, despite having made Tan Phat, he also completed his test with 6 points.

4 years as a child as a new baby - short - 4

After the Tan Phat young angels competition, Thai Duong's son also made the audience try to convert 9 program programs to questions.

At the last issue, due to unidentified Australian exemptions, Thai Duong lost the 10 million VND prize. However, the influence still belongs to Sun Yang when the enemy's home – Gia Khang only gave five correct answers. The competition is between two children's wickedness, two Ieu and Nguyen Khanh, who give her an inspiration to audiences every time she meets MC Tran Thanh. In the 4 pound score, both go into the sub-visit.

Against the question: "What's the same different from the following: locusts, locusts, lobster?", Minh Hieu and Nguyen Khanh together, "Tiger" is the very unhappy tone of tone of MC Tran Thanh. Fortunately for the next question, Minh Hieu quickly deals to influence the team.

4 years old as old age

It can be said that BB Tran and Nam Thu is one of the finest walks of the 15 programs that are as fast as lightning.

They are the "young comedy" of the richest V-biz who should resist her & # 39; conversation between Nam Thu and BB Tran who were brought to the smile of her program. As soon as the electronic camera was, b & # 39; He was a "Tia Lightning" depot in BB Tran who forgot the survey work. When asked if a query is always "a grievances," a riddle program even "too big" grievances as a result of the experience riddles just just questioned that it can not focus on the answer . Project.

In particular, in the question: "How many times are there in A4 paper page?"BB answered that" many times, "but he answered just" once. "When Tran Thanh explained the second time, it is said 4 times, the news is not double to the BB. On another trick question:Where does the elephant eat his car?", BB Tran gave the name directly to the" ask for help "children's applications but unfortunately he" responded to a film ".

4 years old when the age is like a new baby suddenly - 6

Viewing & # 39; This question, Tan Phat made a boy easy to solve the question with the answer in the chess board, and # 39; make BB Tran "not to miss".

The test was done on the "Nam Thư & # 39; The observer also laughs with a series of digits; phrases and "talk too much salt". Although the top 10 questions are As soon as Lightning adults but come together As soon as lightningNam Hang spent a long time thinking and thinking; give the answer wrong.

4 years old as the age of the staff is a lot of money - 7

Even even & # 39; and thanks to BB Tran. And, indeed, BB Tran warned the opportunity to launch "many" wrong answers to the right.

As a result, Nam Thu was equal to BB Tran at 4 points. But fortunately, all three Tran campaigners in the tournament won in advance, so BB Tran by Nam Thu won not to enter the ring.

4 years of age are the age of the staff who get a lot of money - 8

As Lightning 16 still welcomes the partnership of Vu Ha and Xuan Lan and 6 candidates will be broadcast on HTV2 at 20:00 on Sunday – 25/11/2018.

There is a fever with a 4-year-old boy who has a world record as fast as the lightning

She also responded to "as soon as electricity" with all the questions of her brain from MC Tran Thanh.

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