The 5 best criptomonedas to invest


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Commerce of criptomonedas represents one of the most popular commercial trends of the decade. The entire process began very slowly until the price of Bitcoin rose suddenly more than 2,000% last year to reach as much as $ 20 thousand per coin

This inspired a real reluctance of reactions, so now everyone wants to find the next big thing and to invest before the prices are shifted. However, with thousands Of the digital currencies available online, it is extremely difficult to note the most promising option and to invest in it without the fear of losing its money.

A comprehensive planning and analysis is needed to choose the best investment opportunity, so we want to give you a hand here. In this publication, we will show you the five most promising criptomones to invest. Let's take a look!

Criptomoneda de comercio: where to invest

Before beginning to talk about the most prosperous digital currencies, we want to remind you once again why it's good to invest in this business. There are four main reasons to do it:

  • Simplicity: Criptomonedas are easy to handle and do not need years of education to discover the basic concepts of the industry, since all the information is available online.
  • Not just a trend: According to Writers of paper of term who created several criptomoneda studies, the digital money used to seem a wonder of a blow at the beginning: "However, it soon proved to be a highly profitable business, so you do not have to worry about the failure of the cryptomonet market."
  • Improved regulations: The market used to fight against scams and uncertainties, but now regulations are much more precise and allow for a safe investment.
  • ROI: The last reason to invest in digital currencies is probably the most important. That is to say, Bitcoin showed to them all how the criptomoneda business could be profitable, and there is no reason not to expect similar cases in the near future.

Now that you have seen the introduction, it's time to change the main part of our publication. You want to know the most promising criptomonedas available today, so here are:


If you want to play safely and keep you in the well-known criptomoneda, Bitcoin is the perfect solution for you. After the 2016 Bitcoin frenzy, it seemed that this cryptomonite was below the radar, but definitely that is not the case here. In fact, Bitcoin recently exceeded the highest brand of $ 4 thousand in the exchange of Bitcoin, a market where this cryptomonate can be changed for US dollars.

Besides that, Bitcoin has already established itself as the leading digital currency worldwide. This means that Bitcoin will not go anywhere at any time, so you can invest in it without fear of losing your personal savings.


Ethereum is also a popular option among criptomoneda investors. It is basically an improved version of Bitcoin that allows users to exchange and complete transactions in seconds (in case you do not know it, Bitcoin transactions usually take several minutes).

Many serious stakeholders supported instantaneously to Ethereum, including Samsung, Toyota and Deloitte. In such circumstances, Ethereum quickly became the second most sought-after investment solution. Criptomoneda is expected to grow even more, so we recommend it to prove it.


Litecoin attracts investors because it requires less computing power than Bitcoin and reduces the transaction rates to a minimum. The idea behind this cryptomonite is to develop a more lightweight version of the most popular digital currency, which is why Litecoin continues to grow steadily for years.

It had a strong start in 2013, reaching $ 1 billion worth of market capitalization, slowed down in the coming years and returned to the most historic once again this year. Litecoin is now one of the most important criptomonedas and will definitely not lose money when investing in this project.


XRP is not the novelty in the criptomoneda universe (launched in 2012), but now it is definitely trying to put the foot at the door with its consensus book that does not require any mining effort. What makes XRP so special is the fact that it allows faster and simple cross-border transactions, which is largely the reason why traditional banks are interested in this technology. This cryptomonite shows the greatest balance of balance between real-world financial institutions and digital processes, so we expect it to grow significantly in the coming years.


NEO is the youngest criptomoneda of our list and the only one with Chinese origins. This digital coin is very practical because it supports numerous programming languages, while it also receives a fair part of the support of the Chinese authorities.

This is why the currency experienced a great increase over the past 18 months, reaching a market value of $ 187 in 2018. With a capacity of 10 thousand transactions per second and unprecedented stability, we hope that NEO becomes even more influential in the world. of investments in criptomoneda.


Criptomonedas are a popular commercial trend because they allow investors to earn a lot in a short period of time. However, it is not easy to decipher the cryptomonate market and find the next great thing.

Thousands of digital currencies have emerged in recent years, so each solution should be carefully considered. In this publication, we present five criptomonedas that will probably shoot in the future. Keep an eye on these coins and do not hesitate to make your movement if you notice a good opportunity. Maybe you make it rich someday!

Responsibility Download: This press release is only for informational purposes, the information does not constitute an investment advice or an offer to invest. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of CriptomonedaseICO, and should not be attributed to, CriptomonedaseICO.

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