The 54 of James Harden for Houston Rockets emphasizes historic rock


WASHINGTON – On one hand, your Houston Rockets defender, James Harden, who was nominated as the NBA MVP last season behind his fatal fuel of 3-point burning and incompetent ability get to her & # 39; head.

On the other hand, there were two parts of John Wall and Bradley Beal in Washington Wizards, who have built shoes in previous years when the NBA is considered to be the best thing.

The three meetings of that on London night – along with the Rockets defender, Eric Gordon, began to replace Chris Paul's wounded – had been historically.

Harden won 54 points and Gordon spent 36 – seasonal finals for both players. That is 90 points related to the second largest with a start record.

Despite this, it was Washington that escaped with the 135-131 impact over time beyond behind 36 points from the Seal Wall and Higher 32 for Beal.

Le Wall and Beal gave 68, the two sponsors together with a score of 158 points, the largest in the NBA history with the two teams; start behind.

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"You watched many high-level players to play high," said Washington Scott Brooks coach. "Amazing players had great games."

He broke the final record of 140 points preserved by the opening of the Portland Trail Blazers and Toronto Adaptors Courts on 4 March 2016. Damian Lillard was at Portland in that competition, to join CJ McCollum on 24 in the 11-11-11 defeat for the Raptors, who received 38 from DeMar DeRozan and 28 from Lowry.

Both sides of the Houston and Washington backbone were of great effect – Harden and Gordon dropped 52.7 per cent, and Wall and Beal shot 60.9 percent – in a competition to play the pleasure of the people. to follow.

The Wizards, for most of the game, could do a little to stop Harden, who was sad for a long time (7 of 15 marks 3) and attacked the edge (resulting 13 to 15 out of the free throw line).

Harden awarded 31 of his points after half-time, and received 13 support.

"I tried to be aggressive by Chris out," said Harden. "At the same time, I try to get people involved and get people to get scored."

In the two straight start with Paul out, his two best scoring games of the game have been at the time. 36 points in a detailed session came 43 minutes while it was & # 39; hit 12 of 23 shots from the field, including eight signals.

The only thing that started to support for more than the 90 points was; in Harden and Gordon on Monday, both of Kobe Bryant and Smush Parker in Los Angeles Lakers in a game on January 22, 2006. Parker was on that night against the Raptors, Bryant was carrying the heavy , a & # 39; Highly qualified 81.

On Monday, Harden also got 11 high weeks, three of whom coming in pre-time, when the Rockets left just six points and they were Getting out of a stem to lose a third.

But Houston would never have been in the game without the Harden shaft explosion.

"I'm investigating James, and so he needs to respect him," said Beal, to defend her; protected much of the night. "Once I'm alone, I know that he wants it. It's either or does he want to do something. It's fun for sport [playing against him] challenging me. "

Brooks could only appreciate the Harden's exhibition.

"We've tried everything on Harden," said Brooks. "We tried to remove the case out of his hands early, and get rid of it. Keep our hands out of his pocket hunting. We got the change; we did the case. He played high-level play, and his backdrop 3s [were on]. "

There are three 50-point games in which his team has lost over the last two seasons. The total number of games lost with the rest of the NBA teams with 50-point scores in the same range: two.

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