The 6.99 PlayStation 4 file is now available


Sony He has published a new updated version PS4. Available on version 6.51 of the PlayStation 4 file support though … we make sure you don't take too much notice.

According to the report when it was installed, it version 6.51 of the PlayStation 4 file support introducing improvements to the performance of the system. And now it has not been specified what these items are or how far we consider them. So we believe it, we will update and without difficulties.

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An update that adds to the amount that was added a few weeks ago, that allowed access to a distance game, to enable PS4 to be enabled from more mobile devices to offer more entertainment t .

Users of iOS tools – mobile phones or tablets – can now use the word Game Remoteby which they can enjoy a distance play through the use of tools. To make use of this resource – which was already available on Android, you will need to download the official program.

Activities include Game Remote Yes, both the ability to control PS4 from our mobile devices and to rely on these devices to use the device. conversation conversations.

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With this 6.51 update the PlayStation 4 software We can continue to accept it PlayStation Nowalso recently added to PS4, so we can access a large games library by streaming, without downloading to console.

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With PlayStation We now have to use a catalog of more than 600 games of PS4, PS3 and PS2 to enjoy from a stream from PS4 or PC without being acquired or loaded down to the hard disk disk (a. in the case of PS4). Also, PS Now lets you download the PS4 and PS2 games so that you can play without connect and with your first purpose. The PS3 games may only be enjoyed by flows on PS4, without option of downloading.

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Alternatively, it is possible to find time free trial for seven days. PlayStation Now Accessing PS PS Store Now page, either from the browser or from the PS4 itself. Also, the catalog of it PS Now it comes up every month with new games, although this is a list of games which can be downloaded through PS Now. And finally, at least for now, you don't need to have a PS Plus account to play PS Now online.

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