The 60-year-old tournament enjoyed Tran Thanh in the Challenge


– – Although he is 60 years old, but with the enthusiasm of the incredible art, Minh Uncle – the driver who runs Grab air Tran Thanh is promoting his ability to & # 39 ; play well.

In the beginning of its program, Tran Thanh and Truong Giang appeared in youth and wild dress. On the Challenge platform, two judges gave a big bag, when MC Ngo Kien Huy, asked Tran Quoc's judges to make a "challenge" prospect of a motto of motto "challenge". comedy "- this is the smile package for those who do not show excellence in the competition, when they put in, the competitors will be more confident and clearer.

In addition, Changjiang's jury said that this new jar would be used to help with the longer chin, very useful for short-haired chin like Wu Jianji. The listeners were really laughing at the funny challenge of the MC program and two judges.

Tran Thanh
Tran Thanh

The 60-year-old student is running a & # 39; a ghost that is inspired by the Honors Challenge.

Another contest that can not be offered is currently Tran Van Minh, a 60-year-old uncle who currently drives the Grab. Although he was older, but with an art that was burning his passion, Uncle Minh agreed to participate in the Challenge with the help of Binh Tinh Cai's cousin. Before he spent his tournament, Minh sent a Saxophone concert with the hand of the Ha Trang song, which gave Tran Thanh a & # 39; sing quickly.

Tran Van Minh Petitioner
Tran Van Minh Petitioner

With the "blood fire" with art, Uncle Minh returned his first visit easily when it was converted to cyclo passengers. The judge of Tran Thanh greatly appreciates the ability of his uncle.

Continuing with & # 39; In the second tournament, the only fear of supporting the mind from a grandfather for many years, Uncle Minh won an excellent 10 million prize from the program. Standing on the acting platform, & # 39; is Zheng Cheng and Chang Jiang who meet two judges; program enough so that Minh can feel happy and satisfied. A stopping decision in this visit of Uncle Minh was given support from the studio audience and closed the competitive night of mind.

Bore Getting "banned" out of the Thanh Tran, 27-year-old candidate; making Chang Jiang missing

A & # 39; Vo Dynh Vo Nguyen, 27, who is now an office worker working in Ho Chi Minh City. The person made a good idea of ​​the judges when the same ability to speak fluently as the MC seemed clear.

Coming to the Challenge Challenge, Cao Nguyen said he would Competition with the help of a character that has close relationships with Chen Chang, Chang Jiang and Wu Jianyi. Introducing the person making the "trio" with the audience in the studio is a fascinating "amazing thing". And that person is only Hari Won.

His part, Gael has acted as an editor who gave information to television spectators. Accepting its & # 39; This time, the man from Tien Giang has always been removing Tran Thanh in the dirty, Tran Thanh and Truong Giang love each other and have been reinforced by a "go away" voice. However, when he was going to spend a couple of trips, to the third visit without going to # 39; On the other hand, his Highlands said goodbye to her. program and did not get any prize.

Observers are constantly abandoning Tran Thanh Auditorium, saying "wanting the second Hari Won" in the Celtic Challenge

Applicant Thuy Ngoc, 19, is currently a substitute for a tea tea shop. With such a hard work, Thuy Ngoc shares his mystery to release pressure "to see the money out". Before your secret the competition, A Xin said that he or she is, "every time someone does what he has donated to the money he has seen, and I'm delighted himself. "

    Thuy Ngoc
Thuy Ngoc

Nam comic comic also compiled "do it", Anh Duc's friend Thuy Ngoc, but she was simply rejected by her and said "I like it again, I like Hari Won to make the second ". He stopped then, when Ngo Huyen Huy praised the most expensive details for taking his competition, his 19-year-old ladies listened to the full version of Speech: "The most expensive Tran Thanh Tran only" a & # 39; making red Tran Thanh The whole scene seemed like a riot.

Thuy Ngoc has a small demand for two judges, when she shows her, they interact. However, due to the psychological problem, Thuy Ngoc grew better and therefore the test does not complete its & # 39; first round of the Challenge Challenge.

A Japanese teacher is teaching "a storm" with a "Pretend love" beat by Ngo Kien Huy in the Celtic Challenge

Phan Hoang Dung is the next round of the night. The 25-year-old is a Japanese teacher of an exporting company.

At the beginning of his comedy, Hoang Dung gave the song "Pretend Love" by Ngô Kiến Huy for his cover, but he had a reflection full of sermon. Zhenjiang and Changjiang took a smile in the last seconds.

Continuing with & # 39; Championship for winning high prizes from the program, Hoang Dung released the ability of Tran Thanh's image, Ngo Kien Huy, to sing and "imagine". However, this item does not appear to be "enough dollars" for two difficult judges. Hoang Dung stopped a pension competition and can not be fortunate in the program.

Changjiang candidates are over & over; They were not heavy in the Honors Challenge

This week, she is also a 18-year Lecturer Le Huu Hanh who plays, Waiting for induction tests from Ho Chi Minh City Arts and Culture College. The Dong Thap boy made sympathy with the gentleman Tran Thanh with a gentle, scholarly look.

In a competition, with support from Tran Thanh and Truong Giang to encourage feelings to help Huu Hanh to do so, showing the total stock. However, Truong Gianh "corrected" the idea of ​​this war on the level of the Challenge. "The Ten Difficulties" Truong Giang thinks Huu Hanh is not really bad at his war.

When he hit "black heart", the boy went into tears as he was suspicious that it was not fit for the platform. Encouraged by Mr. Cornish, Huynh Truong Giang and Tran Thanh, Huu Hanh is stronger and more confident in themselves. Although he has to stop the first round of the Challenge, but not the end of his / her; This promise will come on the road ahead.

The competitors who had Kien Ngo Huyen Huy were afraid of an old man to run away in the Danh Hai Challenge

Continuing to & # 39; program looks like Thanh Tien. It is decorated in old purple uniforms, which has always been determined to make the wooden appliances doing Tran Thanh, Truong Giang's real interest, Appreciate her humor and wait for a full part of laughter.

But, going into the competition, Thanh Tien suddenly hugged Ngo Kien Huy, run down to the judges for help. Despite a high degree of animation, humorous, but fortune has not been laughing at Thanh Tien. He had to stop the competition in the first round before the regrets of the judges and spectators regretted the show.

Program 7 launch the Challenge, which took place at 20h35, Wednesday, November 28 1818 on HTV7.

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