The 70th illustrations of Prince Charlie marked new illustrations


ADORABLE ADDITIONAL COLLECTIONS taken to mark the 70th anniversary of The Prince of Wales's celebration that the close ties he shares with Louis's grandson.

Doting, Charles, has a great smile on his face as he raises Louis in the gardens of Clarence House, telling the sun.

A portrait of which The Prince of Wales with his family also shows Louis unhappy to her; brush clothes as they try to stand.

A selection of photographs including Charles in Highgrove is a & # 39; Feeding his famous Burford brown and Marans feathers.

He collects the eggs every morning in his wells and the hens follow it authorizably, ready for breakfast.

The statues form part of a set that marks its 70th birthday, which was held last year.

Another picture featuring Charles is surrounded by grandchildren, Prince George, sitting on his grandfather's grandson, Princess Charlotte, hidden by Camilla, as Prince Louis entertained in her mother's armies – although her Queen and Prince Philip were present.

The family gathered for the photograph, taken by the photographer Chris Jackson, on a mountain in the grounds of Clarence House.

One picture shows that it is & # 39; share laughter with Harry and William in the funny part of the RAF.

Another picture shows that it is & # 39; standing by the side of his beloved Aston Martin – who turned to run on the place of a petrol.

He said the last month: "They found out that they could run on white English wine, but also I was not aware that there was a mixed size.

"Aston's engineers said," Oh, it will destroy all the things. "

"I said," Well, I will not drive it then ", so they got on and they now admit that it runs better and is more powerful on its & That fuel than it's on petrol.

"And also, it will have a beautiful smell as you drive."

A car is driven by a bioethanol fuel called E85, which is available from a variety of sources; including extra white wine, and is mixed with some petrol.

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