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The Fantasy Gala Gala was held at the Fine Arts Museum at the Fine Arts Museum at the weekend, where the star of the star star of Hungary was present. The guests were 77 years old Ilona Medveczky who attends the events is obvious almost every year. The dancer and his actress always Given good attention to the set that they spend, this year, weaving clothes was crowned by a large head.

Ilona Medveczky was a fascinating look at a Tale Gala

In recent years, we have seen many artists in a variety of seats, and have appeared in the Kalocsa covered nights, but there were some when it played in somewhat depressing rocks, more than thirty & # 39 ; in six inches This year was also astonishing, with distinctive headquarters by Roberto Cavalli's clothing. His set was scattered from Swarovski crystals.

Medveczky-Ilona-story-2019 Awards

Photograph: Ladies / Mark Rátkai

According to the artist, she does not think it looks like; There is usually a whole team behind her, she has a stylist that can help her; finder dresser, artist and hairdresser. For example, he was a haired hairdresser; , Henry Berendi, had lost his hair, and Zsuzsanna Faragó was responsible for his work. The artist seemed to have a good feeling at her. gown, and she also had good health.

A number of celebrities were pleased to talk to it here. In addition, she was happy to build an artist's picture, she also shows that they are valued and displayed. Watch her, for example, put a general picture on Csilla Megyeri's Instagram page, where she can see, Ilona Medveczky and her lover.

Krisztián Zámbó exhibition, Zsuzsi Takács also painted the 77-year-old star. He wrote to their picture: "I really like it".

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