The 9th form of revival will have an unacceptable effect


Tropical tides have begun in South China's sea over the Spratly Islands area and is going on for tephoon No.9, with amazing points: First, guide the tea nose to date on led to South Central. Submissions are similar to many international stations. Secondly, the storm that comes close to the mainland is falling down but the intense is going up.

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Minister for Agriculture – Head of Sustainable Committee of the Senate of the Steering Committee for the Prevention of & Stop Nguyen Xuan Cuong.

The Minister of Agriculture – Chief Executive of the Sustainable Committee of the Central Management Committee for the Nguyen Xuan Cuong Disaster, if he was still in attendance; landing in this area, the Àir storm. 9 with right track, level and ability. There are many different forms of revival that cause irrelevant effects.

"If Tephoon 9 came to this idea, it would be very dangerous. A faster pace than a storm will be slower, the more water it collects, more than the water forecast. Number 9 Hours occurs when it is mixed with the north-east monsoon, which creates large retraction patterns, which means that there is a heavy covenant in These are the forms in which we need to be careful. Especially when the storms hit areas that have not happened for many years, "said Nguyen Xuan Cuong.

After the 8th viaduct caused serious damage to the Khanh Hoa division, many areas in the Phu Yen department also suffered dangerous pitches, a Sustainable Committee demonstrated its presence; Half of the Disaster Management Committee is an important factor in responding to the Àir storm. Next 9. Therefore, representatives from 9 coastal areas, five central areas of the Highlands and Ho Chi Minh City were invited to participate in the & Online conference that was dealing with tropical dementia – a storm came on November 22, to hear news. No.9 tephoon situation and the solutions for storm preparation.

According to Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong, not only does the areas above prepare and welcome the storm, but also Delta Delta needs to be responsible.

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Describes the conclusions reached at a & # 39; meeting, Deputy PM, Trinh Dinh Dung, asked the relevant offices, Sustainable Committee; Central Management Committee for Climate Change and Accident, and National Disaster Response Committee Research and rescue, Ministry of Defense, Agriculture, Health … is not strategic and must act actively, re- review storm response measures.

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Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung responded to the Àir storm. 9.


Deputy Prime Minister said that the first person needs to be safe for the people; It is essential that all vessels at sea are protected safely.

The Border Guard, the Vietnam Vietnamese Bureau in coordination with areas, not a subject. Boats need to be anchored safely, at risk of risk, affecting the life of fishermen. Tourists need to know the storm too about the situation. Local authorities need to take care to ensure the safety of visitors.

At risk of landslide, the ability to complete up when the rain is heavy … the dangerous areas have plans to leave the people, they need to keep track of the situation, a & # 39; make sure not to hurt people.

"Protecting dams, infrastructure and household housing. Motto 4 at present, we have to start from the campaigns, prepare the local forces, take advantage of the ways, equipment … The President, the Chair of the People's Committee, has to decide the paralysis decision To ensure the safety of people on land, at sea, moving people from dangerous areas, weak houses, high areas, fossil areas tend to & 39; Flashes of Floods and Panties. "Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung stressed him.

The deputy prime minister asked the areas to be ready to leave the people. The National Committee for Accident and Rescue Response and Rescue Committee with areas, military units and armed forces is on its own; board ready to workforce to respond in searching and rescue activities. Help people after the storm has passed.

The National Natural Organization of Scotland is closely monitored, and, Provide quick, accurate estimates. Newsgroups continue to & # 39; move widely, in relation to accident response, research and rescue.

Hoang Le / VOV.VN

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