The ability & Black Widow & # 39; Director remembers marvel telling her "Do not worry" about the Action Scenes


As Black Widow is one of the best-known characters in the Marvel Film Contemplation, Marvel Studios has made sure he meets several female directors before Cate Shortland has been reported to do it; Supporting One-Spy One-Way Journey. Argentinian leader Lucrecia Martel said that she had been meeting Marvel about being involved in production, He resolved the opportunity, partly because it would have been said that it would not be an active part in film management of the action scenes.

"I received an email from Marvel for a meeting. Because they were looking for directors Black WidowSo I went to the [10th-anniversary] reconfiguration. Name me this thing where I can not talk about that reconfiguration. Expectations and other production houses try to introduce more female filmmakers, "Martel was divided in October The PioneerThe "Post" also told me, "Do not worry about the action scenes, we'll look out there. "I was thinking," Well, I'd like to meet Scarlett Johansson but I would also like to make the action lines. ""

Whilst it is realistic that this is adversely affected by any director, it is not necessary to do not; Marvel Studios seems to have concerns about complex tasks series. Anthony and Joe Russo, who have led big spearches like American Captains: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, has been particularly focused on managing TV sitcoms before joining the MCU. Likewise, Thor: Ragnarok leader Taika Waititi on most of her & # 39; focus on actors before being fully affected.

Marvel Studios told Martel clearly that she was banned from engaging in scenes, but it is also possible that those comments reduced by awareness of & # 39; Following its idea of ​​how to & # 39; Manage complex visual effects and stunts.

Martel said, "Companies are interested in female filmmakers but still think that there are action scenes for male directors. First of all, ask I can not change the specific effects. Yes laser lights … I find them awful. Also Marvel's soundtrack is very awesome. We may agree on this but it's hard to watch Marvel's film. It's hard for the ears to watch Marvel films. "

Despite the movie maker who Turning out the chance, she confirmed that Marvel's approach to the film would be offering scenes that were different from each other MCU film.

"I believe that another female director is doing the movie," noted the director. "What they tell me in the meeting, & # 39; We need a female director because we need someone who is really involved in the character development of Scarlett Johansson."

There's very little information about it Black Widow a film has appeared, although it seems to start burning next summer.

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