The ability to move mobile numbers to third telco is easier: a grandfather


MANILA – Lag that allows mobile writers to maintain their numbers when they move between service providers making it easier for the Philippines's third telco to attract new tailors, the author said Thursday.

The Portability Number of Mobile Phone Number, is signed by President Rodrigo Duterte, which means that competition should be promoted as the largest players of PLDT Inc. and Globe Telecom to find out more. Involved to Mislatel with the support of China Telecom, Senate Sherwin Gatchalian said.

"It's a formal time for the coming third telco," said Gatchalian ri Early Edition ANC.

"I'm pretty sure the third telco will try to turn some of our customers from the existing duopoly. To do so, we need the environment so exciting for users to move around, "he said.

The Mislatel Company, which includes Udenna Corp. Dennis Uy, Udenna Corp and Chelsea Logistics, have recently received the approval of lawyers for the change of ownership, move the way to bring their service forward.

By allowing users to hold their numbers they will focus on telcos to develop their services and offer more opportunities to ensure subordinate loyalty, he said.

Users can keep all of their numbers, including the prefix, when it was previously, "0917" only for the Cell and "0918" for a PLDT unit Smart, he said.

"With this new law, that number is connected to your name and you can now switch to different telcos. If the third telco falls down and if you want to move to that new telco , you do not have to change your number more. You can give your number to the new telco, "he said.

Globe Telecom reported that there were 74.1 million mobile writers in late 2018 while PLDT Inc. had a 58 million partnership at the end of September 2018. The total number of B & Over 100 million of the Philippines, which include young babies and birthdoms.

Gatchalian said he would "be very hard" for a bill that seeks compulsory registration for pre-SIM cards, which he said was made in 120 countries.

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