The Abu Dhabi Bank is winning 3.2 billion support for «banks» and «land estates»


Local stock markets were closed at the end of the yesterday's session with blended development in prejudice levels. The Abu Dhabi market was over AED3.2 billion, with support from overseas purchases that boosted the benefits of major sources, and the Dubai market fell under pressure from stockholders.

The Abu Dhabi market rose 0.5% to close at 4971.43 points, reinforced with benefits in banks, estate, investment, communications and goods, and Dubai market fell 0.44% to 2727.41 points caused by estate decline, investment , insurance and impact products.

Develop the fitness of yesterday's market, a & # 39; reaching AED 411.4 million, which was 158 million in Dubai and 253.4 million in Abu Dhabi. A further 146.3 million shares were distributed, with 95.8 million distributed in Dubai and 50.5 million in Abu Dhabi through 4498 commerce.

Abu Dhabi Market

The Abu Dhabi market rises 0.48%, with Abu Dhabi's gains receiving 0.42%, up to Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank up 1.62% and National Bank; get 0.21%. The benefits also helped the estate share with 0.81% with Aldar receiving 1.2%.

The telecommunications department was 1.18%, with Etisalat expanding. On the other hand, the energy sector fell 2.51%, with Dana Gas falling 3.98% and energy at 3.92%, length & # 39; ADNOC was up 1.75%.

Abu Dhabi Most of the first place was on the # 39; market with 155.3 million AED, with Etisalat with 26.3 million AED and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank with AED 18 million. Methaq Takaful's best is 9.57% higher, and b. Al Qudra Holding was the biggest call of 10%.

Dubai Market

The share of the estate fell to a majority of 1.22% after Emaar 1.25% fell, Arabtec 3.14%, Dec 2.44%, Union Estate 2.8%, Emaar Properties 1.21%, Emaar Properties 1.05% Dubai Financial Market 3.45% and Shuaa Capital 1.94%.

On the other hand, the banking department grew up by 0.44%, with a 2.85% increase in Emirates NBD. The Islamic Bank of Dubai fell 1.13%. The transport department received some support from 0.23% increase in Aramex and Air Arabia's sustainability.

Emaar was on top of the list with AED 40 million, with the Dubai Islamic Bank with AED 27.25 million, Dubai Investment Company with AED 25 million. Tabreed is the biggest benefit, which rises by 3.85%. %.

Other countries

Rural investors were liable to buy money of AED 48.16 million. Compared to that, Arab, GCC and local investors were likely to be selling with a 48.16 million AI web investment, distributed 4.4 million to Arabs, 5 million to Gulfis and 39 million national countries .

Countryside investors invested focus on their sections on the departments of Manazel Real Estate, the Dubai Financial Market, Aldar Properties and the Features of the Union, as long as the sale was Focusing on Dubai Investments, DxP, Dana Gas and Emaar Properties.

In terms of investment performance, the performance of investments investments in Abu Dhabi was likely to purchase a 26 million AED web investment. They sold to Dubai with a web investment of 18.6 million AED. Retail investments were for sale in Abu Dhabi with a 26 million AED web investment and purchase in Dubai with a web investment of 18.6 million. AED.


FTSE NASDAQ Dubai received 20% 0.1% to 3,204 points after trading 187.33 thousand shares worth $ 1.74 million. In derivatives market, contracts of 1705 AED value 990.67,000 were traded over 8 parts. Thog a & # 39; The first Abu Dhabi contracts 0.41%, while Arabtec and Emaar fell 3.18% and 1.27% respectively.


The Board of Directors of Islamic Bank of Directors (EIB) met for general matters, as well as minutes of the board meeting held on October 29th.

The Board of Directors of Khaleeji Commercial Bank, which is listed on Dubai Stock Exchange and Bahrain, today will be able to debate and agree to its banking and banking budget for 2019.

The International Financial Advisers Company (IFA), which was recorded on Dubai Stock Exchange and Kuwait, added a 11.32 million KD loss in the first nine months of this year, compared to profits of 1.46 million the same time last year.

Exchange Stock Kuwait (KSE) has agreed to purchase or sell up to 10% of the financial shares for a further six month period from the current termination date of 7 December 2018.

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