The Academy of Saxon Sciences responds to the spelling of politics


The idea was published at a time when President Andrej Danko responded to a strong criticism.

There is no disorder, justification or misinterpretation of spelling-only letters that promotes more litter and other letters. Increasing incredible in the people who make the spellchecker easier.

This is the responsibility of the Board of Learning Board in Skacka in the events that are related to the hard work of Andrej Danko, the head of the parliament. The Council is an honorary body of the Soviet Science Academy.

SAS's opinion comes at a time when the challenging parties are calling for a call to the Danish National Council to destroying his president. They block media information that Danko has been in & # 39; Given the hard work from a variety of foreign texts. They want them to retire as Head of Parliament.

His debt was broken and who, even after his writing, took office. Even two (subtitles video):

"Acquiring academic titles through delays in the case of politicians who directly support the reluctance of society in the state. Legislation should allow us to obtain an academic degree closing or withdrawing, a science science degree and a fictional science degree, "I'm writing to the scholarship.

The Learning & Learning Board is a emphasizing the use of spelling on the results and the views of others without sufficient mention of the source. "It breaks the original author's rights. A subscription in the academic world is an incredible attempt by a scriptwriter to offer the mischievous use of a & # 39; damaging the foundations of the product on research, scientific or certificate work, or designing and doing research. "

Success with delays?

Scientists ask if spelling can succeed:

"The dissertation of the captain and his master, as well as the author, is also the director and his opponent. As well as the author of his supervisor and three opponents, the dissertation Work is hard work, as well as the opponent's author. Every type of work is recommended by a professional commission set up for protection. How are leaders, leaders, challenges and commissions What sense of writing is this? Because this is because it's not enough professionals or, notwithstanding the knowledge, time is not for their proper assessment of work or because they are working closely with their work. One, the other and the third are just bad, "they are thinking.

Today, according to the prestigious SAV authority, many are subject to adverse effects on computing computer work to monitor original work. If the low level of confidentiality computer program is found, it is a strong indication of error-mails and must be reviewed separately.

"If a computer program does not have a low level of identity search, it is not proof of the origins of the work and the output given. This continues from the way in which the program compiles the text and other texts formally. So initial and useful test programs are needed (faster and more reliable search of a formal text match), but the tests do not It is essential that all those involved in the protection process should be addressed by the necessary knowledge and source-orientation assessment the work carefully, "said the statement.

According to scientists from the SAV, research, scientific work or certification has a meaning to prevent, if there is enough security argument.

SAS Presidency Response

The Academy of Scientific Sciences Board believes that spelling-letters is a harmful activity.

It does not matter what type of work is there when simple software tools were created to determine the essence of the work, whether it was necessary to use it by law or other regulations, or There was currently a hand spelling as a common practice in some workplaces or No.

Spelling was in, and it's always a scam.

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