The activist who had been caught on a Beynac crane


Jérémie Kerdraon, the person who set up the construction site crane, has been the Beynac, in the Dordogne, who opposed this project of avoidance in one of the largest straths of tourists in Peripheral, abolished Thursday and ordained justice, named the prefecture.

The "protection of natural SDF protection". "Nowadays, at 10m, a machine was put in place to take the person who was living in a bar on the Beynac construction site. At 10:20, the man was once again the ground and was arrested (…) order of his judge on the interim relief, "a & # 39; assignation of the address in a statement. Extended from Friday at about ten meters from its ground, Jérémie Kerdraon, 32 years old; age, which is given as "SDF protection protection", for "the nature of a nature-like" type of project.

A long-term project related to it. With a budget of more than 30 million specialists for construction of a 3.2 km road diversification and two bridges, and "project" avoid Beynac, "which include the & # 39; reinforcing the middle of the town during the summer season. But it has been declining for years against the challenges of environmental protectors such as those of the estate.

Regarding the anger of Stéphane Bern, who sent a tweet on a well-standing attack against the initiator of the project, Germinal Peiro, chairman of the county council's PS, is handled by the national heritage person "Ceauscecu de la Dordogne, leannan concrait ". "The projects have been decided in the selected assemblies and not on the television seats," they said. In his statement, the prefecture reminds us that "regional council, project leader, is to meet a new research committee in which organizations Invite and can say ".

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