The actor David Arquette has come back to waulking – and the results are not too beautiful.

NSFW Video is shared to the Arquette social media show that gets blood in a game with professional midwife Nick Gage in Los Angeles on Friday night.

Arquette, which was a world-class creep in 2000, was more famous in the entertaining world for its obligations in the "Scream" license and the film "Never Been Kissed" in 1999.

In a message on his social media accounts on Saturday, Arquette confirmed that he was writing; Invasion of his followers, writing "Turning out that Matches of Death is not what I have."

He also shared a close picture showing some cuts and scratches, saying he had all been "thrown up" after his wound.

"Thank you to all the fans for your love. I've hit her. Mrs. Elizabeth is crying," wrote, describing the tattoo seen in the picture.

Perhaps it's a good idea to get a & # 39; keep acting?

The HUAICHTE SA has reached Arquette's representative to comment.

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