The actor Emil Kosír – died


The exciseman will say goodbye in the theater at Thursday.

11 March 2019 at 17:26 MOJ

Elected. At the age of 81, Emil Kosír, a long-time actor in the Theater J. G. Tajovský in Zvolen, died today. The information was reinforced by the dramaturgist Uršuľa Turčanová.

Emil Kosír came to the Zvolen theater in 1959. In the past he also joined the director, artistic director and co-founder of Zvolen Castle Games.

His contributions to the physical make-up entertained his characters and comic and dramatic characters in dramas and stories. I have never remembered his work at the famous Theater Pipe Band. In 2006 he received the Honorary Butterfly Award for Lifelong Achievement for DJGT, in 2010 The Culture and Flower Arts Award, in 2014 The Literary Fund for Life Long Award.

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He was born on April 19, 1937 in Mojmírovce near Nitra. He has already been involved in the theater as an amateur.

“It was impossible to put down the roof in the Zvolen theater and there will be a blank space. Our memories, for a long time, will be a reminder of the theater's history, the passion for the arts and a true society for every generation of theaters, ”said Turčanová.

The final greeting from the actor Emil Kosír will be held on Thursday 14th March at 2pm at the J. G. Tajovský Theater in Zvolen.

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