The actor Kang Han Na comes to agreement and return to her tiny Fantag Fen stone


On March 28, the actor is acting Kang Han Na gave a word of excuse through his petal Fantagio misunderstandings.

Previously, Kang Han Na and Fantagio became involved in a legal dispute over the validity of a specific Kang Han Na contract, due to the fact that several regulatory changes were introduced to Fantagio. But, back in February 22, her court was ruling for Fantagio and she named her special Kang Han contract. Since then, the actor and the flyer have selected cases over a series of conversations, eventually reaching agreement in which Kang Han will not have returned to Fantagio as an artist.

The actor showed, " tI am sorry to raise concerns and concerns for Fanning and supporters to date. Through continuous dialogue, we were able to detect the misunderstandings arising from differences in view and lack of communication. I am grateful for the respect and understanding of Fanning, and I support everyone in making good progress. "

Recently, Kang Han started filming for filming tvN drama, # 39;60 Days, Designated guardian.

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