The actor Robert De Niro: A walking with his wife


American deputy Robert De Niro joined his wife Grace Hightower, who married him in 1997.

Anonymity from his neighbor's affirmation proved to the People of the magazine the two people live separately. "Sometimes things do not work as you want," the source added.

Twenty-seven years of age and Hightower, 63 years, have welcomed the world in 1998 with Elliot's son, year later De Niro applied for a divorce divorced. However, this did not happen and promised his / her twin commitments in 2004. In December 2011, Helen Grace's daughter was born to them. The little girl gave a new mother to the world.

Robert De Niro has over one hundred films, with Oscar nominees for play in "The Busty Father II" (1974) and "The Fury Bull" (1980). In addition, it is famous for example from the Twentieth Century films (1976), Taxikar (1976), The Magnate Last (1976), The Hunter Jellyfish (1978), The Promise (1984) 1986), Non-executive ( 1987), Mafians (1990), The Wake Up (1990), The Mystery of Horror (1991), Fire (1991), Frankenstein (1994) (1997), Ronin (1998), Analyze (1999), Counterfeit (2000 ), 15 minutes (2001), Showtime (2002), a photer, a lotor! (2010), The Nightmare (2011), New Year's Eve (2011), The Eternal Kill (2010), The Nightmare (2007) (2013), Mafia (2013), Trainer (2015) Joy (2015), and Dedo's Lottor (2016). Lead the Stories from the Bronx (1993) and the CIA (2006).

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