The Agence du medicament proposes not to & # 39; Smecta uses more children under two years


Drugs Group is a suggestion that they will not be <#; Using clay-based remedies such as Smecta for a & # 39; children under 2 years old. In a question: the ability to attend.

This pre-care is needed even though drugs (based on diosmectite clay), which are available with or without an order in a pharmacist, are given over a short period, said the ANSM Thursday. The Group says that it does its & # 39; this suggestion in the name of its pre-care principle, and not "The issue of lead poisoning in an adult patient or children treated by Smecta or to Godiactect Mylan" found.

Give priority to oral rehydration wind

Smecta use is not general It is not recommended for pregnant women with a baby. If "gastro" occurs, the regulation is based on religious steps and way of life and if the symptoms remain in children and children under two years. An oral remediation solution is an application medicine (SRO), remembering its & # 39; health agency. ORS produces parts of powder pouring into a bottle of water, which is found in unregulated medications.

From 2 years of age and in adults, smecta and its species can be used, as well as over 15 years of age and adults, Smectalia (diosmectite).

Physicians post to post

These constraints on the use of Smecta and their beliefs continue new international proposals, on the heavy metallic doorstep that is appropriate in drugs. In this context, ANSM asked for a survey from Ipsen Laboratories, and the results show that there is no danger that Smecta treats blood in an adult for 5 weeks. However, according to ANSM, this risk can not be discharged from children under two years.

Health professionals will be informed by post about changing their packet Page.

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