The agent dies after a conflict with a resident


A Sydney man who was in the face of an attack that died later was entitled to use a "reasonable force" to protect himself and his family, saying by a senior inspector.

Seonag Schwartz, 44, was quested by the NSW Police after an invasion in his sitting room in Harrington Park on Sunday had died after a struggle between the two men.

"Generally, people are deserving of their home and they are entitled to a reasonable force to protect their own and their possession," said Inspector of Finder Shane Woolbank to reporters.

The NSW Police reported that the 44-year-old Harrington Park occupier was woke up on Sunday at 7.30am with his horns and barking.

He was investigated "and challenged anti- men in the sitting room".

"He says that that male struggle is a fight against that," said Det Insp Woolbank.

"As a result of that struggle, the fool fools have fallen and become unfamiliar." Cha b & # 39; The fool, 35, can be revived despite neighbors who make CPR and be named by parachute.

Mr Schwartz's wife and a young child are believed to be at the time. The 44-year-old was taken to Narellan police station and was quested. It was released on Sunday afternoon "waiting for more questions".

Neighbors say they were seeing a person who; running barefoot down the street about the time of the incident.

"What I saw most of them was barefoot – it was weird," one told Ten Network.

The police asked to identify the simpleton that was defined as it was in the late 20's to the early 30s, with a good boom and 175-180 centimeters high.

He had a gingerbird and a beard like a ginger, a scarf on his left shoulder, and was decorated with a sleeveless blue roof and a short lane green and shoes.

The person was also tattooled on his coffin; left to read & # 39; Our true honor is true to us and another in a foreign language on top of his left arm.

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