The air may be the beast that causes the heart relief


Mothers who are experienced with tree matters can damage the development of a heart healing system in the food session, search for a check.

Integration into these microscopic materials in the early stages of shifts will have a huge impact on the development of dental hearts, especially the primary and rare skin.

One emergence of a third trimester may inhibit the flow of blood of mothers and teeth, and the result will be that more outcomes are found throughout the child's life, the inspection said.

The long impact affects the size of the festival as it restricts blood flow from the mother and removes the nutrients in the final stages.

“Pregnant women should be considering examining the quality of the air,” said Phoebe Stapleton, Professor of Rutgers University.

A mother will affect her circulation system, which is constantly changing to give enough blood flow to the growing season.

"These results say that pregnant women, women of childbirth age and those who are treated to receive fertile treatment should avoid places of high air pollution or stay within high-smoke days." , ”Said Stapleton.

The air pollution removes blood vessels, suppresses blood flow to the uterus and removes the body of oxygen and nutrients, and causes delays in growth and development.

It can also lead to difficulties of a lack of childhood, such as a limitation of growth.

The inspection, published in the Cardiovascular Toxicology magazine, looked at how the surrounding circulation systems may have been polluting atmospheric dioxide dioxide – the first one, second and second. T the third three times.

The results were compared with heavy rats which were open to full air efficiency.

In stray animals, there was even one expression to the nanoparticles related to the suffering of the arts in the uterus.

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