The Airbus A380 has black shades Economy Companies


Bad news for collecting the A380 After the Qantas Australia coalition on Thursday, which was purchased by eight planes, hit the world's largest passenger plane that now hangs on the Emirates company.

Does the heavenly giant wait for his last hours? "It is positive that it is crucial," it is estimated that an industry expert is seeking anonymity. "It's not new. Airbus He has a difficult problem, and the smaller orders, more difficult to be, "he says.

"The program has not reached economic opportunity," said this expert, and "The current production rate is not stable, including Airbus providers. "

The risk of closing its & # 39; The program has been running for years on the A380, to the extent that it has compelled its & # 39; European player to reduce the Super Jumbo production level.

In 2018, Airbus reduced the production spending of the A380, move to one machine per month in 2018 against 27 total in 2015.

The beginning of 2018 Onwards to launch the A380 with an order of 36 devices, with a purchase option for 10 units, by placing Airbus "prominence for at least 10 years," said the director of his & # 39 ; group, Tom Enders.

But now this demand appears to be a matter of question. The A350 could sink on Emirates, the Airbus launched two engines, which are more contestant, but above all the more complex than the A380.

If so, the A380 program, which suffered from a sales deficit, would be tight.

Airbus announced last week that it was "a dialogue with Emirates on the A380 contract", not to provide more information. "The information about commercial conversations is with secret clients," he said.

With 178 devices, Emirates's main customers are Super Jumbo. Airbus's former commercial director, John Leahy, had warned that the unauthorized place would take place from Emirates at the end of the A380 program. "Unfortunately, unless we come to an agreement with Emirates, we would not have the option to complete the program," he said.

Wild competition

It is still visible if Airbus decides the degree and time. Tom Enders, left behind Airbus in April, He can not be responsible for making his responsibility Guillaume Faury not liable.

This decision would start the strategy used since the 2000s by Boeing, against Airbus. Americans were awarded for a smaller power plane, 787.

At the same time, the A380, which is very popular with passengers for comfort, continues to & # 39; of interest the airfield.

"I'm not worried about the A380," said Willie Walsh, head of IAG (British Airways, Iberia, Vueling, Aer Lingus and Level) group last Friday. "We are very pleased with the 12 A380s from British Airways, it's a good tool," he said.

He said: "If Airbus" wants to sell an aircraft, it should be more aggressive about prices, as there is a good air-maker tournament. "

Larger than the Boeing 747, the A380 575 passengers can carry passengers, and even at the maximum of 850, due to its surface of 550 m2.

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